Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have a new little daily obsession. It's called Pinterest. Have you heard about it? I think it's caused a lot of my friends to become a little obsessed as well. I know that a few of you have heard about it (especially Amy and Lauren because I re-pin everything that they pin!), but I'm betting some of you have not.

I have always been a tearer-outer and a clipper of magazine pictures and articles. Anything that caught my eye, I saved. I had notebooks in high school of pretty pictures of things that I liked. I'd flip through it every now and then and think about what I wanted my house to look like, etc. I'm still this way.

Enter Pinterest. Woowee! Apparently, I'm not the only clipper in the world! The website allows you to "pin" pictures on a virtual bulletin board. I have several categories (For the Home, Preschool Projects, Food, Parties, etc.) that I've been pinning pictures to. It is SO much fun. You can pin lots and lots of things that you see on the internet and you can re-pin images that are already on the website. I. love. it.

As of late, I've been searching for fun "preschool-y" things to do with James. I've pinned lots and lots of little craftsy projects and we've actually done a few of them! I'll share a few later in the week.

If you're interested you have to have an "invite." I have a few left so feel free to leave me your email address for one. If you're already there, find me! I think my screenname is lef. In the meantime, Happy Pinning!


Anna Catherine said...

me, me! invite me!

Lauren said...

i'm totally obsessed.