Friday, June 24, 2011

Gardening and Little Boy Bruise...Brought to You by the Letter A and the Color Red!

We've had ourselves a semi-busy week around here. Not too bad, but our days seem to fly by.

Over the weekend I mentioned that Eddie was building a raised bed for my vegetables and herbs this year. Last year I had a tomato plant, a basil plant, and a rosemary plant outside of the garage. I really wanted something in the backyard this year but we couldn't figure out where to put it. I finally convinced Eddie to build the bed for me and we've made major progress! The great thing will be that next year I can just start over in this same little spot with minimal work. It's BIG for what I need - 12x4 - but it's going to be fun! On Tuesday night Eddie was sweet enough to let his shadow go outside and "help" him work on the bed. James' idea of "helping" was to play in the sprinkler. You'll notice he also had to smell the roses tomatoes. He had the best time!

On Wednesday, Cacky drove up to our house. She hadn't visited since before Easter! Something about a wedding...I don't know. Anyway, she came up and we played and had lunch and walked around Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Toys 'R Us. We also had a *teeny* accident on our way out the door. We have one step from our stoop/porch/whatever to our sidewalk. Typically, James gets to it and either waits for someone to hold his hand or he sits and slides down or he turns around and backs down. For whatever reason he got in a hurry and fell right off the edge. The picture below is from today, two days later, and it looks considerably better. It was pitiful.

Am I the only one who thinks he looks BIG here? What in the world? Where is my baby? These sweet jammies came from some church friends. Andrea called me one day and said that she had clothes that she wanted to pass along to us. Her little boy, Reid, is two years older than James and she gifted us with some of the CUTEST little 3T smocked outfits and a few pairs of fun little pjs. He has Superman and Batman. They have capes attached to the shoulders (with velcro) but he only wants to wear them if one of us is "flying" the cape behind him. :) Stinker.

We also worked on our "preschool" this week. We talked about the letter A and the color red.

1. We talked about the sound that A makes. He knows the long and short sounds. We painted an apple red.

2. We traced and traced over the letter A. We also stood on it, sat on it, hopped on it, etc. just to focus his attention on the letter itself (and work on directions!).
3. We made an "A is for alligator" handprint and sang "5 Little Monkeys swinging in a tree" about a thousand times because the alligator "snaps" them out of the tree, one by one.
4. This is our little Leapfrog alphabet toy. We LOVE this. I only let him have the letter A for it this week. It sings the alphabet but it also sings "A says A, A says A, every letter makes a sound, A says A, and Ah!" (This is why James knows the long and short sounds.) (Cute sidenote, he "sings" the alphabet by saying "E, e, e, e," over and over to the tune!)

5. Cacky brought us an airplane! A is for airplane! We never made it out to see the real airplanes.
6. We read the story of Adam and Eve. I love our children's Bible.
7. & 8. James is showing off Dr. Seuss' ABC book. If you don't have this, you need to get one. It is so cute! And I can recite the whole thing. I am not teasing. This week we said "Big A, Little a, What begins with A? Aunt Annie's Alligator, A, A, A." OVER and OVER and OVER.

So that was our fun-filled week! Next week is the letter B! :)


Anonymous said...

I think next week you should teach him that 'B' is for Bess who lives at the Beach....and likes the color Blue! Yeah!

Lauren and Eddie said...

I will! I was wondering what to do for B! Of course, blue was obvious. Your toenails make me think of high school. That blue was big then, too, I think...