Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Weekend! Part Two

Saturday morning while James was spending some time at the Agrirama, Eddie and I went over to Mom and Sonny's house to help with last minute details, eat lunch, and start to get ready. Mom and Sonny picked up Giggles (a cute sandwich, etc. shop in Tifton that serves what Eddie considers "girl food"). It was delish!

Soon, it was time for me to get a shower and get my hair dried so that when my sweet friend, Bridgett, arrived I would be ready to get my hair did. :) Bridgett stepped in and saved us when we were in a pinch this week. We had a last minute hair emergency and when I called her she really bent over backwards to help us. And our hair looked FANTASTIC when she was finished. I wish I'd gotten good pictures of it. Maybe Carrie did. I went with a low bun and Anna had waves and then pulled the side of hers back with a brooch that belonged to our maternal grandmother.

Sometime mid-afternoon Carrie and Phillip of Studio Viohl arrived to start taking pictures. I love them so much.

Do you love Anna's "Snooki" veil as much as I do? I wore it a lot this weekend.

James recently discovered the beverage cart that is part of Cacky and Poppy's patio furniture. He enjoys when Poppy pushes him around.

Not the best picture, but don't you love this sweet little outfit? I got it from Mary Beth's Shrimp & Grits party and then a sweet friend, Whitney, monogrammed it for me! She did James' wedding outfit, too.

There were lots and lots and lots of rapture jokes this weekend. We kept checking the clocks to see what time it was. We got to the church around 6:15 and this was probably taken about 6:30. We knew that one of the things we'd heard said the rapture would take place at 6pm Eastern time and some said 9pm Eastern time. Anna was tucked away in a closet until 7pm and she happened to be standing over a vent. When the air came on her veil flew up in the air and Dad said that he thought the rapture might actually be happening! Ha! We laughed and laughed about this.

(In reality, we believe Matthew 24:36 to be true. "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.")

At this time, the actual ceremony occurred. I would've taken pictures but I was already holding two bouquets and Lance's ring. I thought I'd leave that up to the photographers and Lance's Aunt Shelby.

After the ceremony, the band started playing and this little man could not be dragged away from the dance floor. He was a dance machine!

He was also a grits-eating machine. This was the only way he could be pulled off the dance floor.

I think John enjoyed the dinner as well.

The flowers were GORGEOUS. They matched my dress perfectly. Ha!

The wedding and reception were held in the Tifton Museum of Arts and Heritage. I guess I haven't mentioned that yet. Including the preacher and Lance and Anna, there were 20 of us in attendance. They did the wedding and then while pictures were being made we moved the chairs to the tables and where the chairs had been we had a dance floor. The stained glass windows in this building are fantastic. If ever you're traveling through Tifton try to find out if it has an exhibit. I love it.

At my wedding, we had a mashed potato bar. Anna and Lance tried to one-up us by having a shrimp and grits bar instead. Outstanding.

Okay, James will hate me for this when he's 18, but I had to include it. He likes to play dress-up. As Ms. Carrie Viohl said, let him wear it now and he won't when he's 30!

The cake, in addition to being beautiful, was delicious. It had a lemon cream in it and it was SO good.

You can see the brooch in her hair in the picture above.

Mr. Michael, Lance's dad, danced with every lady except Grandmommie and me. I'm not sure how I got missed! He was also a dancing machine. And probably worn out and sore on Sunday!

This is what thank-goodness-we-did-it-and-it's-over looks like. :) They were glad everything went off without a hitch!

Laura and Dad kept the dance floor busy as well.

Lance's cousin, Holly, and her dad, Uncle Howard.

Lance and his cousin, Katelyn.

Our wedding director for the evening was Aunt Leta. Thank goodness for her! She was a tremendous help!

I was upset that we didn't get a picture of my little family, but then I realized we never EVER take pictures of just Eddie and me anymore. So thankful that my photographer mama is so good at taking pictures! (I told you my dress matches perfectly!)

Earlier in the day Eddie told Anna that James had been practicing his shaving cream spraying skills. She laughed and told him that their car would be hidden. I'm not sure she (or Lance) understands the concept of hiding something because their car was parked as close to the museum as you could get - right in front of the front door! John, Katelyn, Holly, Ed (whose picture I didn't get - he was the best man and my escort), and Uncle Howard (who says he only took pictures) got the car but really went easy on them. They only did toilet paper, car paint, and cans!

Making their getaway!

Whew! Wedding Weekend Part Three tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone & everything looks perfect! Only 20 guest?! I think Anna had my ideal wedding-seriously. She looks like Barbie in that dress. Love it all-especially the picture of you & Eddie. I'm so happy yall survived operation bootcamp wedding planning {from what Meg told me}-go Hasty/Bowen family! Love yall!!!