Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Past Week in Pictures...

We've returned from our unannounced absence! Apparently, someone had a little stomach bug the other night and he decided to pass it along to me so we've been MIA! We're back and {finally!} feeling well again!

Our Pictures...

On Monday we played with the water table in the backyard. James thoroughly enjoyed it and even Scout liked it. It started to get a little breezy windy so we called it quits before it got dark and came inside.

In the picture above, he is indeed trying to drink the water. He's even sweet enough to let Scout share and have a drink, too. :)

Monday night was the night James had said stomach bug (although, who knows if that's what it really was...maybe it was just a fluke that he and I were sick in the same one else got sick!). On Tuesday morning he was just fine...but our yard was not. The wind from Monday night turned into a horrible storm that knocked over one of my gorgeous bradford pear trees and part of our fence. Everything else came out untouched, though.

Wednesday I didn't take any pictures and I actually can't remember what we did...must not have been much.

On Thursday we went to Tifton for a doctor's appointment and Eddie's fishing club's "Ladies Night." It's actually a fun night where they all get together and have dinner - and the one time the women are invited to the club meeting. Ha! I joke that he's in a He-Man Woman Haters Club...but it's not really. :) I got sick while we were in Tifton so I wound up being unable to go...and unable to pick my head up off of the Eddie had to go without me. Thus began my 36-hour illness! I took two pictures on Thursday before we left for Tifton of how I found James playing. He's climbing on EVERYTHING these days. In the second picture he's also showing off his new fake "cheese" smile!

Friday there were definitely no pictures. I got zero sleep on Thursday night (and finally wound up taking a Zofran I had leftover from pregnancy!) and spent the entire day Friday laid on the sofa. I made James stay right next to the sofa to play and allowed him to dump out every toy we have. The house was a wreck but I couldn't be bothered to pick it up. I worked on emptying off the DVR and I think watched 4 hours of TV. I ate barely anything all day long. I was miserable.

Saturday I woke up feeling okay. Not great, but certainly much better than I had felt. I was able to stomach half a bowl of cereal. James and I met Eddie downtown for the festival that was going on. Eddie had gone early to cook hotdogs at our church to be handed out. The only thing I could stand the sight of while we were there was the frozen lemonade so we had two of those babies. Delicious.

Later last night when we got home we learned that we have a special visitor staying with us. She's expecting a few babies and we are so excited to get to watch! She is extremely stylish and very put together and she is a very tidy little housekeeper! We found her in the wreath on the front door!

She's pretty shy so we haven't been able to determine what kind of bird she is, but I have my fingers crossed that she's a bluebird. I guess time will tell! Last night there were three eggs in this teeny nest, but this morning there was one more. If you visit our house, be careful!!!

*** Update: I watched her fly away and she's red and brown. Based on what she looks like and the color of the eggs I think she might be a house finch. I'll keep you posted on this! ***

The remainder of our weekend is likely going to be spent working on homework and trying to somewhat recover from several days spent not picking up the house! Yuck! Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

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Amy said...

aaah!!! the stomach bug - ugh! glad y'all are feeling better!! that is THE WORST!
LOVE LOVE LOVE james's golf jon-jon - so cute!
we endured the bad storms, too, although we didn't have any trees fall, our neighbors did. libbi now refers to them as "uh-oh trees" every time we see them.
how fun that y'all have the birds nest in your wreath - you HAVE to take pictures!!!
and....your "what's for dinner?" posts....i always sing it to the tune of "What's the matter" from the mickey mouse episode with dr daisy - ha!