Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do the {Clap! Clap!} Potty Dance!

We have approximately 1,000 things to do between today and Sunday but I wanted to take a minute to stop in and SHOUT FOR JOY!

Yesterday, James and I were in the den when he stopped what he was doing and told me (I thought) that he had a dirty diaper. I praised him for telling me (something we've been working on), picked him up and carried him to his bedroom to change his diaper. When we got there I laid him down on his changing table and he straightened out his legs and shook his head no. I took a peek in his diaper and realized he didn't have a dirty diaper so I asked if he needed to go potty. He grinned really big and we took off to the toilet. (Let me stop here and say that the only interaction he's had with the potty thus far has been for us to tell him not to touch it. The only "potty training" we've done is to help him notice when he's gone potty.) (Let me also say that when I say "he's gone potty" I'm referencing dirty, not wet. We haven't started that yet. That's a little trickier for me to notice about him!) Anyway...I sat him down on the potty and held onto him so he wouldn't fall in. It scared him a little but he actually DID go! Woohoo! We shouted and celebrated and he got two M&Ms.

I called Eddie (who did NOT believe me) and my mama and after I hung up the phone with her he told me he had to go again. I snatched him up and we ran to the potty and HE DID IT AGAIN! I think I scared him so much the first time that he didn't know what was going on so he needed a repeat trip a few minutes later. That meant two more M&Ms!

I've reminded him a few times today to tell me if he needs to go but I'm honestly not going to make it a huge deal. He's only 17 months old and I realize it could've been totally a fluke. We're definitely not moving out of diapers anytime soon!

I realize this may count as TMI on the blog, but I was so proud and excited (and HE was so proud and excited!) that I couldn't resist! He did have a few "fake outs" later but I totally knew when he wasn't being serious. I made it clear that if he sat on the potty but didn't go potty that he wouldn't get M&Ms. So far, no more dirty diapers so we'll see what today holds!

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mjatpc said...

cute story! i miss those days. :)