Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodies from Grandmamma's!

*** Little bird update: There were five eggs yesterday. After lunch today Eddie looked in the nest and could only find 3. Not sure where the other two went but there was pinestraw on the doormat. Not sure what could've gotten to them up high on the door but something did! Hopefully it wasn't a snake. That's my worst nightmare. Bleh!!! ***

I mentioned a few weeks ago that James got a prize from the arts and crafts festival when Grandmamma and Kelly went the other day. It's the cutest little Georgia Bulldog growth chart and we can't wait to start using it! How often do you measure someone who grows so quickly? I haven't marked on it because I think I'm going to do it on the 6-months. 18, 24, 30, etc.

James also lucked up and "inherited" his daddy's Radio Flyer while we were in Tifton a while back. We have enjoyed pulling him up and down the driveway. This is nothing like the wagon I had. Ours was metal with low sides. Plus, I believe that it was made into an ant farm at one time. I seriously remember walking around the yard with John while he shoveled ant beds into the wagon. Where was our mama? We also left it outside once or twice *ahem* and it's a little rusty, if memory serves me correctly. Not Eddie's! His has deep wooden sides and is in excellent condition for something that's 32-ish years old! It's been lots of fun.

*** It is ridiculously difficult to take this boy's picture now. Can you tell his daddy was standing in the garage? ***

And finally, there were goodies for Eddie and me. Eddie got a 12-layer chocolate birthday cake (this was obviously a few weeks ago). It was delicious. And me? Books. Lots and lots of antique books. I love them! There were a few old readers from school, several classics, and even a few physical education books! Ha! No surprise there!

Thanks Grandmamma, Granddaddy, and Kelly for the goodies!


Whitney J. said...

Oh my gosh! Ours was metal with small sides, too! Loved that thing. Can't find them like that anymore.

Anna Catherine said...

Aw wee! The one of him standing by the growth chart is my favorite! He looks so grown up! What a little stinker!!!