Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Decor...

I don't typically go all-out for seasonal decorating except with Christmas. I have LOTS of Christmas decorations, a few Halloween/fall decorations, hardly anything for spring/summer. Something I've been trying to do is keep my dining room table set. It just looks pretty to me. I only have plates on the table. No glasses or silverware. But I think the effect is pretty.

I thought I'd share my dining room Easter decorations today. I love how they've turned out. I didn't go full-blown EASTER because that's not what it's about, but I do have a habit of buying birds to decorate with and I thought they were quite spring-y. Now I want to make Easter lunch even though it will just be the three of us here!

Pretend you didn't notice the open cabinets in the kitchen. I cannot believe I didn't notice them. I'm especially shocked my little helper didn't notice them. He must've been getting into some other trouble.

The bird and the rabbit sort of blend into my burlap table runner, but I got both at Hobby Lobby this year. The vase came from Hobby Lobby a while back. The green in the bottom of the vase is reindeer moss (my favorite!). The table runner is just burlap fabric that I cut the size I wanted it. I plan to add ruffles to the end one of these days. I saw one for sale on GroopDealz last week and I can't get it out of my head. It just wasn't long enough for my table.

Sweet little bird nest on my china! The bird nest came in a larger pack of 3 bird nests and various eggs from Target in the vase filler section.

The napkins were Eddie's from way-back-when. I'm not sure who gave them to him (sorry!). We have four - two like this and two that match but aren't exactly the same. No, I didn't press them before I put them out.

This is probably the inspration for the entire Easter decor! Mrs. Bobby gave me Eddie's baby serving set a few weeks ago. Peter Rabbit has a special place in my heart. (This is also the reason I want to fix Easter lunch...and probably will!...for the three of us!)

I have loved this product. Willow House's French Wire Tiered Stand is so adaptable! I've had some people use it for fruits/veggies in their kitchen. I've seen it used for parties. I usually just use it for decorating. It's $51.96 right now. All I did was trace and cut burlap to sit in the bottom of each tier (it's wire so the "stuff" from reindeer moss - you know, the dirt, etc. - falls through and makes a mess). Then I placed reindeer moss and more little eggs on each tier. The little wrought iron birds came from Hobby Lobby and I am in love with them!

I love this piece from Hobby Lobby. I use it for all different things! In the fall I had pinecones and acorns in it and at Christmas it was full of ornaments. Endless possibilities. Mama has a similar one that houses all of her sea glass at the condo.

I had some extra eggs so I just poured them all out on my Villa Stoneware Appetizer Tray. I love those pieces. The Appetizer Tray is $39.96. I also love my new little birdhouse that I got last week. It's perfect! AND it's on sale right now - $34.96 instead of $59.96. I used a Customer Special when I purchased it to get 50% more off! What a good deal!

My hurricane came from Willow House way back when it was still Southern Living at HOME. It's been used a ton! The little bird also came from Hobby Lobby. I sure do wish she had a mate but I couldn't find one anywhere. Maybe they'll bring them back next year.

Happy Easter!


Brittany said...

I love your decor!

I just found your blog today and I would love for you check out mine and follow back! :)

LC said...

I love your Easter decor!!