Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Update...

I don't have a menu this week. I'm going to try my best to pull from the freezer and not grocery shop. We just spend so much money!

We've had a BUSY weekend! On Friday we had our last day of Bible School. I had several people ask why in the world we had Bible School in the spring instead of summer. Apparently, the company that our children's director purchases from puts out two versions of Bible School. Last summer was a sea voyage-theme and there was another that was set in Jesus' time in Nazareth. We did the sea voyage in July and the Nazareth this past week. Worked out perfectly because it was a fun thing for the kids to participate in after school now that it's gotten warm and pretty outside! This summer we'll do a different one that lots of other churches will do - the PandaMania (PandaMonium?) theme! Anyway...Bible School ended Friday and after it was over James and I ran by Eddie's office to pick him up for supper.

We had a quick bite to eat at Cracker Barrell where James was a little bit of an ill-pill (WORN OUT!) and then headed back to church for a play that a group was putting on. They put on two plays a year and y'all, it was FANTASTIC! It was well-written and hilarious! We had such a fun night out! (Bonus: There was a nursery with the ladies that James loves!)

On Saturday we got up and went to Tifton. We had lunch with Granddaddy at a BBQ place that Eddie and Mr. Tommy really like. James enjoyed sitting with Granddaddy and got upset when he left later. After lunch, we drove through several car places to continue the search for a new vehicle.

We had a birthday party to attend in Tifton later Saturday afternoon so we ran by there for some cake and socializing. We got to see several friends that we hadn't seen in FOREVER. One of my best friends from high school was there (she's the aunt of the birthday boy) and she'd never met James. The last time I saw her I was huge-mongous pregnant.

After the party we went back to Eddie's parents' house to visit Grandmama. She and Kelly had been to an arts and crafts festival and got James the CUTEST Georgia Bulldogs growth chart. I'm so excited to hang it up! They also got Eddie a 15-layer chocolate cake (his favorite!) and we enjoyed some of that.

We left James at Cacky and Poppy's house while we went to Dinner Club last night. It was so nice to visit with those friends since we hadn't seen them all in a while. There are LOTS of March birthdays in our group so we celebrated those four people and enjoyed barbecue and watching the kiddos run around. James enjoyed being able to stay with Cacky and Poppy but I think we're going to have to find new babysitters for him. Not only did they put him in the crib and then not hear him when he cried and cried after waking up in a strange place, they also exposed him to their friends who both have whooping cough! Ah! I think they're fired!

Today we went to church and Sunday School and then ate at a restaurant downtown with some of our church friends. They have kids who are 7 (8?) and 3. A sweet, fun family!

James is down for his second nap and Eddie is working on his homework. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some laundry put away and then I'm planning to read for a bit. Hope y'all enjoyed your weekend as well!

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