Friday, March 18, 2011

The Week In {A Few} Pictures

First of all, Happy Birthday to Lance! Hope it's a wonderful one!

Y'all are going to be highly disappointed with my Monday-Wednesday pictures. You got the Zoo and the farm pictures from the weekend and all the St. Patrick's Day pictures yesterday, but other than that I took two. Ha!

On Tuesday we had a playdate with my longtime friend and college roommate, Mary Beth, her baby, Sarah Beth, and her mama, Mrs. Lynn. My mom came along, too. When everyone arrived at 10:30 James was still taking a nap. I purposely put him down about 45 minutes before they got there so that if everyone woke him up when they came in, he'd still have had a nap. Well. It turned out not to matter in the slightest! We played with Sarah Beth, chatted, played some more, chatted some more, and then I wound up having to wake James up about an hour after they all got here! When he was up we grabbed the babies and had lunch at Cheddar's and then went to Target. I, unfortunately, had to hurry off at about 2:15 so that I could make my way across town to Bible School by 3:00. We didn't have a ton of playtime, but I did snap this picture of the babies in Target. Doesn't she make James look huge?!? Where did my baby go??? We are definitely going to need another playdate soon. I wish we didn't live two hours away!

 On Wednesday morning I snapped this picture of Scout. I keep catching her sleeping in the adorondack chair, but if I open the door she obviously comes running. This was taken through the kitchen window but I thought it was funny anyway! Sweet girl!

We have this afternoon of Bible School left and then it's over! It's been fun and the week has FLOWN by. Tonight after Bible School James and I are meeting Eddie for supper and then heading back to the church to see the play that a group is putting on. It starts at 7 and doesn't end until 9 so we'll see how The Boy does in the nursery while it's going on! Hopefully he'll be sweet even though it'll be so close to bedtime!

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