Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Week in {A Few} Pictures...

Add my sweet friend, Bess, and her family to your prayers! Her aunt passed away yesterday afternoon. Love you, Bessie Boo!

Also, obviously pray for the people in Japan and those affected by the Tsunamis. I cannot imagine. All these earthquakes have me convinced that God is trying to tell us something. I heard someone earlier this morning say that the earth is moaning. We need to listen!

I didn't take a ton of pictures this week. In fact, I have no pictures from Monday. I spent the majority of the day keeping James out of the kitchen where the contents of the cabinet under the sink were strewn out everywhere. I guess I could've picked everything up, but that would've been easy.

On Tuesday morning we played outside. James is obsessed with being outside (and his Crocs, thanks to Nancy and Caylor...he wants them on his feet all the time!). Please excuse the state of my backdoor. This is what it looks like when an 80-pound dog plays with your toddler through the window. A little muddy and the paint is all chipped off now. :) Since we went out first thing, I just left James in his pjs. I realize that the stripes on stripes isn't his best look, but it was quick!

Not to mention he was so filthy when we came back in that I stripped him down to his diaper anyway. He tried to put on my shoes so that we could go back outside. Shoes on=outside.

The rug in the picture above is different from the one I've already "featured." The one you've seen already is in the picture below. Which do you prefer? There's a pretty large price difference and I think I have my favorite, but I'd love to hear what y'all think. They're the same rug, just with different colors. The top rug has a lot more red and the bottom has a lot more tan.

I actually did take pictures on Wednesday night, but they're bathtub pictures. :) I'm not going to humiliate his future-teenage-self and post those for all the world to see. He's started reading his bathtub book while he plays. He flips over and lays on his tummy and flips through the pages. So precious!

Cacky came on Thursday and we ran lots of errands and had lunch out. Then I went to Book Club after dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture. I'm such a bad blogger. I've got to get back on the picture bandwagon!

I've started waking up early (between 7-7:30...but that's earlier than I used to get up!) so that I can have some time alone before James gets up. I read, check email, have coffee, etc. so that's how I'm spending my morning. I got a new coffee cup at TJMaxx yesterday when Mom and I were out and I'm enjoying my mocha in a cute cup. It's the little things, isn't it? Hope y'all have a good weekend. We have FUN plans. I'll share lots of pictures on Monday!

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pcb said...

That first picture (if you put it in b/w) would look very much like a little German boy in the fifties. Try it...I think it would be an awesome the stripes on stripes and the 'loved' door.