Thursday, March 10, 2011

Organizing with Willow House

I may have mentioned a time or two that I am not naturally inclined to be tidy. Mama says that she knows everywhere I've been when I enter her home because I leave trails. It's totally true that I drop things along the way. Because of this, I'm constantly looking for items that are going to give my own home the appearance of being tidy...and helping me out a little when I pick up (which seems to be all day long lately...).

1. Belle Meade Three-In-One Container. (*41292* $69.96) I've said before how much I love this, but I'm going to mention it again. I love it! It keeps my cooking utensils close and keeps my drawers from getting too cluttered. It's large enough to hold a lot of utensils and that makes me happy! (If the Belle Meade is not your taste you could also go with the Estate Utensil Holder!)

2. Jamestown Tray. (*40399* $57.96) This little gem is one of the first Willow House items I ever owned (way back when it was Southern Living at HOME). It keeps my napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers handy in the middle of the table but keeps everything from getting far from where they're supposed to be! I love things that corral other items!

3. Vintage Spiral Stand. (*41413* $71.96) This is my favorite, favorite item right now. The catalog shows it currently as a card or photo display. Last season it was used to hang ornaments. I'm using it as a jewelry holder and I LOVE how it looks!

4. Hurston Collection - Mail and Key Caddy (*41277* $39.96) and Wall Hooks (*41276* $19.96). I don't own these but I do own items very similar to these. My own key caddy keeps me from having to think about where I've put down my keys. I walk in the backdoor and hang everything immediately when I enter! I love that this has a place to put mail until it's sorted later! Want both? Order the Mail and Key Caddy at full price and get the Wall Hooks at 50% off!

5. Napa Tray. (*53045* $59.96) We have a very similar tray on the table in our foyer for Eddie to throw all of his stuff in when he walks in the door. His keys, wallet, etc. are housed there until he fills his pockets and heads out again! It keeps things corraled and looks pretty at the same time!

*** The following items can be found on our March Madness Sale flier. Please let me know if you'd like one! It's in a format I can't upload to the blog (that I know of). Great stuff at really reduced prices!***

6. Estate Organizer - Tiered Rack. (*41281* $23.96) This item isn't in the catalog any longer but is part of our March Madness Sale. A friend of mine bought this back in the fall and uses it by her backdoor so that she can pull from her boys' backpacks and keep up with things that need to be completed and signed. Perfect idea!

7. Estate Organizer - Basket. (*41282* $19.96) Use this to corral office supplies, spices, etc. Perfect and on sale!

8. Finally, I LOVE the Florentine Napkin Holder. (*53093* $17.96) I got one several months ago and it makes a big difference on keeping my kitchen table tidy. I didn't think it'd be THAT big a deal, but I love it!


Unknown said...

Hi Lauren, can you tell me where you purchased the vintage spiral stand? My MIL passed away last summer and had this exact stand. I have admired it for years and I could never find one. Any information you have would be fantastic

Lauren and Eddie said...

Hey there! It came from a company called Willow House (it was formerly Southern Living at Home). You might have luck on eBay!