Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update...

Well, we had a new "first" this weekend. For the first time in his entire little life, I spent more than twenty-four hours away from my baby...and we both lived through it! Eddie and I went on a date/shopping weekend to Atlanta this weekend while James stayed at our house and had a spend-the-night party with Cacky and Poppy! I think everyone had a great time!

Eddie and I left our house around noon on Saturday and stopped for a quick lunch at Wendy's. We continued north to our first destination: Ballard's Backroom. We were in search of several different things for our house and we succeeded in finding media storage at the very first place. We didn't buy it, though...we wanted to be sure it was really "the one." We continued onward to TJ Maxx and Home Goods, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn at North Point Mall and then stopped long enough to have supper at California Pizza Kitchen with Dad and Laura. (Shockingly, they didn't mind seeing us without our little sidekick, although they scheduled a date with him on his super-busy social calendar for next Friday!) After dinner we headed even farther north to visit the Dawsonville outlets before they closed.

We got up Sunday morning and headed to TJ Maxx and Home Goods in Cumming and then back to Dawsonville for several more hours. We were successful in finding a bookshelf at Pottery Barn Outlet for our den, picture frames for our bathroom, a few clothing items for Eddie, and then on our way home we picked up the media storage we found originally.

I'll post pictures once everything is in its place. We still have LOTS of things on our list of "needs" (curtains and rugs are at the top of the list) but I feel like for a weekend we were pretty successful. The best part was that we saved a TON going the outlet route. The media cabinet was originally $600 and we got it for under $250. That makes my husband a very happy man!

James had a fun weekend as well and was exhausted when we got home. He went to bed pretty early which was good since Eddie didn't get any of his homework done this weekend. We're thankful that Eddie's office takes President's Day off so he's home with us today. I have a few errands to run and Eddie has some work to do, but it will be nice to have him with us! Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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Catherine White said...

Can't wait to see all the new stuff! I've wanted to go to those outlets for forever! I'm gong to message you for directions! It sounds like its worth it!