Tuesday, February 22, 2011

James at 16 Months!

*** I have pictures to put with this post...and I need to weigh him tomorrow. Forgot before he was put to bed. Forgive me! ***

James was 16 months on Sunday and I cannot keep up with this boy anymore! To tell you what he's doing would take all day and I always manage to leave something funny or brilliant out!

Just to give you a glimpse of the best:

* James is probably 32 inches tall and weighs around 24 (??) pounds.
* He wears a size 4 diaper, a size 5 shoes (I think...), and anywhere usually 12-18 month clothing. (His legs are short, though, so sometimes it's bigger on top and smaller on bottom.)
* He is STILL eating lots of baby foods. We've tried lots of whole fruits and veggies and he's just not crazy about them. He loves chicken, gold fish, milk, desserts of any kind, and Italian food! He usually either has a waffle, half of a whole wheat mini bagel, or apple sauce for breakfast and almost always has a piece of cheese. (This is always with a cup of milk.) For lunch he has fruits and veggies with chicken (usually), a cup of water, and maybe either some goldfish or whatever we're eating. After his afternoon nap he usually has a snack of milk and some finger-food (goldfish, Cheerios, crackers, etc.). Then he has fruits and veggies again while our supper is ready and then tries whatever we're eating. He usually has another cup of milk before bed. I feel like we eat all day long!
* Playing outside is his new favorite activity. Whether it's playing on the slide or throwing the ball for Scout, he's been soaking up the warmer weather the past few days!
* He's been winking lately and it's hilarious. I make him wink at me several times a day. (It's really just squinting or blinking but it is PRECIOUS nonetheless!)
* He also tucks his hands up by his underarms and "flaps his wings" like a bird. LOVE this!
* He can tell us what a dog, cow, elephant, and fish say. (Although, he won't win any awards for animal impersonation yet. We usually have to tell other people what he's doing.)
* He's recently started to motion to us when he wants to be held.
* He still signs "more," "milk," "eat," and "all done."
* He says a few words but hasn't added much to the list lately. Mama, Da-Da, Cacky, Poppy, Papa, YaYa, (haven't gotten Grandmama and Granddaddy yet...), Sassy (C-C), Dixie, hey, bye, ball, bobby (cup of milk - used to be the word for bottle), paci, and diaper (biaper) are the most regularly used.
* He's gotten more and more independent.
* He LOVES his Crocs. He wants to wear them all the time.
* He still loves Mickey Mouse (TeeTee {???}) but has also added Jake and the Neverland Pirates to his list of favorite shows. He watches one of those two while he has breakfast in the mornings and watches Arthur on PBS while I cook supper and we wait for Daddy to get home.
* He loves to dance!
* He still really enjoys splashing in the tub!

And just to break your heart a little bit, here's his picture from February last year:

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