Saturday, January 15, 2011

Siesta Scripture Memory: January 15, 2011

I am pleased to announce that I succeeded with the first of twenty-four Scripture memorizations. You don't understand how excited I am and how much this pleases me! I've been thrilled to find that some of my "blog friends" are doing this as well. Wouldn't it be fun if we could all go to the rally for this when it's all said and done and meet?!!

Okay, so Scripture Two. I wasn't really looking for any theme in particular this time. I saw this posted on another blog the other day and really liked it so I highlighted it in my Bible and it's the one that will stick!

"For we live by believing and not by seeing." - 2 Corinthians 5:7

For those of you who don't read Beth Moore's blog, she has a Siesta Scripture Memory app now that you can download on your iPad or iPhone. You can keep up with your Scriptures there so that you'll always have them handy! I think it's downloadable when you search for Beth Moore SMT.

I know my verse is a good bit shorter this week, but it's just the one that I was most drawn to!

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Gran Jan said...

Lauren! I saw your verse posted for SSMT and "city" and jumped for joy! I live in Houston County too, and have for the past 23 years. My blogger name is "Georgia Jan." I love Beth so much and count it a privilege to be her friend. Her enthusiasm for God's Word has ministered to me so many times. Come visit my blog, Gran Jan's Joy at

Happy Saturday,
Mrs. Jan :)