Friday, January 14, 2011

Project 365...

First of all, Happy Birthday, Poppy! We're excited to see you next weekend!

I've tried to do this before and have failed but I've seen lots of people trying it this year so I figured there was no harm in trying again. I'm going to attempt to take at least one picture every day this year. I caught the bandwagon late so I don't have pictures for every day, but here's what I do have from January 1st-13th!

So proud! I handed him my empty cereal sample box and he put his Cheerios in to eat out of it!

We went to the doctor the night before this. It was just the beginning of the pitifulness. Saturday was WAY worse.

Saturday night we "camped" on a pallet on the living room floor and watched television. James didn't get far from his Pillow Pet all day.

Feeling a little better, he decided to take a ride on the Sit 'N Spin he got for Christmas.

Intrigued by Mama's boots. He was very interested in why there were two new pairs of boots in the kitchen. We'd been iced in! Notice the white backyard! Why yes, he is wearing a Halloween shirt. We aren't strict about holiday wear for our jammies.

For those of you under the impression that I have the happiest baby on the planet, that is not the case. This is typical while I'm cooking supper and he has to be banished to "baby jail." He was not thrilled.

James is REALLY into books right now (his English teacher mama LOVES that!). We find him all the time flipping through books on his own. I hope he keeps that love!

We've been pretty much cooped up inside for over a week. I decided yesterday afternoon that I needed to GET OUT so we went for a walk in the leaves outside! It was cold but fun!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I hope you keep it up b/c I love seeing these random little glimpses into your everyday life. That sounds a little stalker-ish, I know. You know I love yall though! And James looks waaaaay too grown up in the Jan. 13 picture. I'm filing an official request that he stops right now, thanks :) I miss yall!