Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pajama Day!

Today is the first day in a week that we haven't had things to do! Because of that, I sit here at 12:20 pm in my PAJAMAS. James is still in his, too, but that's not all that uncommon. Jammies are so comfy and he looks so cute in them that sometimes he stays in his late as well!

My list for today includes cleaning, wrapping, making candy, packing, and watching Christmas movies! I've already started my candy making! Shelley and I started this "tradition" several years ago and we did it together for two years. Once Eddie and I moved it was harder for us to get together. Last year I didn't make any at all (wonder why???) but this year I was determined. I rolled out my peanut butter balls this morning and everything is ready to be dipped in chocolate during James' afternoon nap!

On my Christmas movie list today? I have several DVR-ed that need to be watched. Frosty the Snowman, Shrek the Halls, The Grinch, etc. Hopefully James will want to watch with me. I know that will be more fun in future years!

I don't have much wrapping left to do, thank goodness! Just a few last things to get done!

Last night Eddie and I went to the Methodist Men's Christmas dinner and had a good time! James was able to stay in the church nursery and he showed them his walking skills. (He declined to show them off on Sunday but I think Mrs. Amanda likes to snuggle him on Sunday mornings!) One of the girls said he would crawl along and then it was like he'd think, "I can walk now!" so he'd stand up and take off! Ha!

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!!! Ahh!

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