Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's difficult to blog when you're going between several different houses, have a party or something going on every two hours, and don't have a laptop to bring along! SO...I took a little blogging break! But I'm back to re-cap all the fun today!

Before I begin, I have to just say a word about my baby sister. Anna is always up for a Kodak moment and never disappoints by turning away from the camera. Thank you, Anna, for helping out the blog! (You may decide not to next year!)

Also, my camera is on some funky setting where a lot of the pictures look foggy. A friend's child grabbed the camera the other night to "play" and I think she's the culprit. I'll be looking into this but didn't realize it when all of the photos were taken. Darn.

On Wednesday after Eddie got off work we headed south to Tifton for our annual Dinner Club get-together and gift exchange. Everyone but John Michael was in attendance and we had a great dinner of ham, green beans, macaroni and cheese, rolls, and key lime cheesecake. The kids had a great time unwrapping their gifts. James wound up with a little wooden musical table which was a SCORE for us because that was one thing I'd wanted to get him this year and had not.

We spent the night with Grandmama and Granddaddy but there wasn't much sleeping. In fact, I'm not sure I slept three hours total. Oh the snoring and the crying. :) So fun to travel with a small child!

Thursday morning was the designated time for Christmas morning at my mom's so we got up around 7 and headed to Cacky and Poppy's about 8. I took one stinkin' picture and my camera battery died. (Are you noticing the luck I had with my camera on this trip?)

James was totally into unwrapping gifts this year. He enjoyed helping all of us!

Thursday afternoon I had a haircut (as did Anna and Lance...apparently it was the week of haircuts at our house because everyone but James had one!). Mrs. Bobby had gone to get Eddie's cousin Amelia from the Atlanta airport so after my haircut we enjoyed visiting with her!

Thursday night I attended the 9th Annual High School Girls Dinner at the Bowers' home. It was SO much fun and so good to see girls I only see once a year. The gifts were fantastic this year and lots were swapped around more than once. I wound up with a CUTE jewelry holder from Red Envelope!

Friday morning we got up and Lib came by for a visit. Unfortunately, James was asleep when she stopped by so she missed him. It was GREAT to catch up with her, though, and hear how her new job is going. I wish we lived closer!

Friday afternoon with did gifts with Eddie's side of the family and James once again had a good time opening gifts. He got a little cranky but that was resolved quickly after he opened a gift from an aunt who had sent him books. That boy LOVES to read!

We'd planned to leave around 5 on Friday to head back to our house but we were running late (of course!). We packed up and went back to my mom's house to have a family picture made so that she can send out New Year's cards this year. *Note to self: Always wear eye liner!* I'm not a huge fan of how these pictures turned out (can I blame it on the fact we'd been running around in a hurry all day + my camera was being lame?), but they're the only family pictures we've ever had since we've added Eddie, James, and Lance!

We got to our house around 7:30 on Friday and unloaded the car so that we could re-pack and re-load to head out again on Saturday. Eddie and I enjoyed watching "A Christmas Story" after James went to bed and we swapped gifts. Eddie got season one of "The Big Bang Theory" on DVD (have you seen it??? hilarious show!) and he got me a refurbished computer from his office. Hallelujah and praise the Lord! I've enjoyed playing on it this morning. (For those of you who feel sorry for Eddie's pitiful gift {and I did, too}, there wasn't a TON of difference in price...he got a GREAT deal!)

Saturday morning we woke up and Santa had come to our house! James was excited to see what he'd left! There wasn't much time to play but he did enjoy picking everything up and looking at it all!

We drove to Atlanta to Dad and Laura's in time to have lunch with them. We waited on Anna and John to arrive about an hour later and then we had MORE gifts! I got LOTS more pictures this time because my camera battery was fully charged.

(Here is the beginning of Anna and her crazy camera poses. She's just received an Amazon gift card here. It's fake. I made her re-pose because I missed when she really had this look on her face.)

My poor daddy can't hold his eyes open for a picture for anything. That's why this is the look he has in lots of pictures.

James was slightly obsessed with the "kitties."

The boys (not James) got Daisy BB guns this year.

The hit gift of the year for James? A Pillow Pet. Go figure!

Oh, the things we could say about this picture. Sorry, Anna.

Anna got a new phone for Christmas and basically ignored us the rest of the afternoon. We'd ask her a question, not get a response, call her name and she'd say "Huh?"

This is Ginny, the mystery cat. We thought she might not really exist anymore. She was adopted by Laura at our wedding (we got married at Gin her name is "Ginny") and is so shy that we haven't really seen her since. She actually LET ME PET HER on Saturday. It made my day even though I'm not a huge fan of cats.

It snowed ALL DAY Saturday. It's the first white Christmas Atlanta has had since 1882. It was WONDERFUL and probably something I won't ever get to experience again!

Saturday night Grandmommie came over for dinner and we enjoyed spending time with her.

Sunday morning James, YaYa, and John all headed out for a walk after breakfast (and a nap for James). The rest of us were smart enough to stay inside out of the snow. James loved it, though!

Sunday afternoon we headed up to my aunt and uncle's house for MORE Christmas-ing! We had a gift exchange and ate dinner with all of the cousins, aunts, and uncles. I believe everyone (except Lance) was in attendance!

We got back to our house around 8:30 last night and I've enjoyed not doing much today. I'm still in my pajamas and really plan to stay that way for a while!

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas as well!

From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another. - John 1:16


Betsy said...

What a fun Christmas y'all had! I'm loving your new blog banner, and your sweet baby's Christmas jammies are just about the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

Miranda said...

You had such a full Christmas, Lauren! I'm glad it was great!