Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Update...

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We wound up with a surprise free weekend and it was oh-so-nice! Friday afternoon I met Whitney, who works with Eddie, and her little boy Rhodes at the Mistletoe Market in Perry. There were about 100 vendors at the fairgrounds with all of their Christmas goodies set up on display. Whitney recently purchased an embroidery machine so we spent most of our time looking at all of the children's clothes and thinking up cute ideas that she could make. By the time I left we'd come up with all kinds of goodies we could make for our own booth next year.

I came home and re-made supper. (I had a kitchen catastrophe earlier in the day in that the ground beef I purchased on Wednesday had already gone BAD. Eddie turned up his nose as soon as he walked in for lunch and said it had to be thrown away!) We had Baked Ziti and it was delicious. I'll post a recipe soon. It was late by the time that supper was ready so we ate, watched a little tv, and headed to bed.

Saturday Eddie got more done on the swingset project. He'd be finished except that he couldn't find a part to hang it at Lowe's. Guess we'll have to go back again! (We don't go nearly as much as we used to!)

Sunday we got up and went to Sunday School and Church. We're starting to get to know lots of people at Church and that's a good feeling.

We were WORTHLESS Sunday afternoon. Aside from making supper (Chili Cornbread Casserole) we've done absolutely nothing...and it's been VERY nice!

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