Tuesday, November 23, 2010

James At Thirteen Months

James was 13 months on Saturday! I'm not going to do the weight/height pictures anymore (although sitting on our bathroom scale on Saturday he weighed 23.5 pounds!) but I thought I'd give an update on him anyway.

* James is on cow's milk all but once a day. I'm still nursing him first thing in the morning. It was a MUCH easier transition than I anticipated.
* He loves to try whatever we're eating...which means we're now sharing things like Fritos with him. Yuck. Maybe we should adopt healthier eating habits. He still eats baby food several times a day but also eats finger foods. Cheese is his very favorite right now.
* He says "baby" all the time now. He dropped something the other day and said "Uh oh, baby!" Guess what I call him a lot of the time? :)
* He also says "Hey," "Bye," "Mama," "Daddy" (which sounds like DD), and "Cacky" (what my mama goes by but sounds like KiKi right now!)
* He can wave, clap, point to his head and nose, and "fist pump" even though we've never watched "Jersey Shore."
* He LOVES to play in the bathtub.
* He's still not walking but has taken a few steps.
* He signs "More," "Eat," and "Milk."
* He likes to "snap" when we snap. He thinks he can do it!
* He is a little stinker and tries to test us ALL the time. You don't want me to throw this on the floor? What if I hold it in my hand, pretend to drop it, and shout "Uh oh!" Will I still get in trouble?
* He still stinks at sleeping. I got up with him last night because he was crying around 10:30 and Eddie got up with him at 4:30. He is sleeping usually 7-8 straight hours and then goes back to sleep after eating. We just need him to sleep until 6 and it'd be PERFECT. Maybe one day. We need a Christmas Miracle!
* He's more and more fun and more and more work. I laugh thinking back on how difficult I thought that the infant stage was. I'm sure I'll laugh at myself this time next year and for the next twenty years!

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