Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Update...

This was such a fun weekend!

On Friday afternoon Dad and Laura drove down to take us out to dinner. We played at the house for a while, I opened birthday gifts, and we had Mexican for supper.

Saturday morning we got up and Mom and Sonny came up to babysit for us. Eddie and I left the house around 1pm to see a movie!!! It's one of my favorite things to do but way too expensive to do very often. I'd really probably love to go at least once a month! (Eddie is not such a big fan!) We saw Secratariat and we really liked it. It was Disney so it was CLEAN which is incredibly hard to find a lot of the time. It was based on a true story about Penny Chenery Tweedy who inherited a horse who was sort of the underdog. I really liked it but I'd heard it was the "Blind Side" of wasn't. It was a feel-good movie but wasn't nearly as funny or heartwarming as "The Blind Side."

After the movie we went to Target to buy my birthday gift. I got a great gift but in a stinky way. Last week, in preparation for the Birthday Party of 2010, I moved my coffee maker off of our counter to make more room. Unfortunately, I dropped the water canister and cracked it. (Eddie's suggestion to patch it with Gorilla Glue didn't appeal to me.) SO...Eddie bought me a Keurig to replace my Tassimo for my birthday. I tried hot chocolate in it tonight because I thought coffee would be risky!

Mom and Sonny stayed for supper and we went to the Asian place we took Bess last week. I was so full on popcorn that Eddie and I shared Sesame Chicken. It was wonderful!

The only bad part of my birthday was the stinky Georgia/Florida game. I've honestly learned not to put my heart into that stupid game. It was a fantastic game even though it wound up in a loss for us. But it is seriously my least favorite game of the whole season. I'm not into it (especially going!) at all!

Sunday morning we went to church, Sunday School, and then a Consecration Luncheon the church was doing. The food was delicious (contrary to the belief we had that most of their food was not...bad Wednesday Night Supper experience!) and we sat with a family we've gotten to know a little bit over the past few months. It was fun to talk with them!

The boys spent the afternoon napping while I baked cookies and then Eddie cleaned out my car. We loaded all of our "Trunk-or-Treat" stuff into the back of my car but then wound up not passing out candy because we got their late and weren't sure where to go. Next year we'll know! The cars that won last night were a Georgia/Florida tailgate, a Yellow Submarine, and Noah's Ark. Clearly, the competition is steep. We might have to step up next year! Other cute cars were the Harry Potter-themed van (complete with a Hagrid, Professor McGonagall, Harry, Hermione, and Crookshanks) and a Peanuts-themed car put on by the husband of the children's director (He was wearing a peanut-farmer ensemble and she was actually dressed as a peanut!). They had the Peanuts (Charlie Brown...) theme music playing and passed out boiled peanuts. I thought it was cute!

I have a few pictures to share but I'm running short on time so I'll leave that for another day. Hope your Halloween was wonderful!

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