Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Look Alike...

When we're around a group of people that we haven't seen in a while, there is always a discussion about who James looks like. Most people are either "Team Eddie" or "Team Lauren." I think it's hilarious. We must look a lot alike because it's really split right downt the middle!

I'm currently "Team Papa." I haven't ever seen it before, but my dad brought pictures last Friday while they were in town and I cannot deny that (especially in the one below!) James looks a good bit like him. Almost everyone in our families has brown eyes but James' are so dark they're almost black. We know now where they came from. Also, notice the shape of Dad's right ear and James' right ear. They share a "point" on that ear that Dad's grandfather also had. (I have it, too, but I must've laid on my right ear the entire time Mom was pregnant because mine is folded over. It's never bothered me but Dad has always been concerned about it. Eddie says it's waving. This is probably the reason you see my left side in my baby picture!)

To be fair, I do think that James looks a lot like Eddie. However, he's started to outgrow it a little bit! The shape of his face isn't the same. BUT...I'm sitting here looking through Eddie's baby photo album and a lot of the "faces" that James makes, Eddie made as well. He does like to act like his daddy!

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