Friday, August 13, 2010

Willow House Launch Party...

Thanks to all who stopped by the party yesterday! We had a steady stream of people from 12:45 to 6:30! It was lots of fun to visit with friends!

James had a big time hiding under the dining room tablecloth and "talking" to those who visited. He even met Jana, whom he'd only "met" once before while Jeanine and I were pregnant. He was not sure what to think about her, but she was the friendliest little thing! I'm a crazy lady who had a camera and meant to take lots of pictures, but never once picked it up. Here is a cellphone picture that someone snapped of the four of us:

James makes Jana look like a peanut and feel light as a feather! I hope we get to play again soon!

I got to try out my Savannah Beverage Server yesterday with Willow House's Sangria mix (minus the red wine, plus cranberry-apple juice) and it was wonderful! I will be using it again for James' birthday party in October!

I'll be placing an order on Monday afternoon. If you would like something, let me know! If you order more than $39.96 you can choose to purchase anything in the catalog under $40 for half-price. I don't have any upcoming birthdays or weddings, so I'm starting to think about Christmas gifts already!

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