Friday, August 13, 2010

I Think It Might Be Sick...

I'm almost certain that it's a fluke. Because it cannot possibly be correct. How can it be?

I lost 7.6 pounds this week?


I've been "doing" Weight Watchers for a few weeks. And when I say "doing" I mean that I start off the day with very good intentions but then I'm famished by mid-afternoon and totally blow it and forget to track points for the rest of the day.

I've also been having sort of regular workouts with a celebrity trainer named Jillian. I love her and I hate her. I think it's really rude that she comes to my house and bosses me around.

But apparently both of my half-hearted attempts at actually doing something is paying off!

7.6 pounds! The number I saw on the scale this morning (and then the number I saw again when I stepped off and back on because I was in shock) is at least three pounds less than I weighed when I found out I was pregnant. It is also only 7 pounds more than I weighed when I got married.

I still think something might be wrong with the scale...but I'll report back after a few more sessions with Jillian this week.


Amy said...

Well.....I'll just go ahead and say it....
I hate you.
hahaha....just kidding!
Good for you!!! 7.6 pounds (which I would TOTALLY round up to 8!) ;0) is awesome!
I am jealous - I still have about 15 pounds of baby weight to lose (can i still call it that even if my baby is not such a "baby" anymore?!) but i have Z-E-R-O motivation to do it. ugh.....But congrats to you!

Lauren and Eddie said...

I have SOME motivation...not a ton. That's why it's been a half-hearted attempt. I still have a ways to go, too. I'm telling you, though...Jillian Michaels is the way to go. The dvds are short so you could do it while Libbi naps. I've been doing her 30 Day Shred and Yoga.

Linda Boyette said...

Wow 7.6 pounds!!! I have been doing Weight Watchers too....but, went on vacation last week and did not that i am back, i am having difficulty getting back on the program and not going nuts by late afternoon. I swear if i so much as lick my finger for a crumb, i am a goner...i have to be rigid when i am sticking..any little give begats more give...i have no willpower! you pray for me and i will pray for you...for willpower!