Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Update

*** I've posted a few other times today. I'm trying to get caught up! See below. ***

On Friday evening we went to one of Eddie's co-worker's houses to eat lasagna. We took a salad, Brandi and Dan hosted and cooked the main dish and Nick (another co-worker) and his wife, Holly, brought dessert. James brought Cheerios.

After dinner we played one game of Battle of the Sexes and the girls got whooped (as usual). I'm not sure how many of you have played that game but it was CLEARLY made by men. The questions that the men get are SO easy and the women get ridiculously difficult questions. We hung in there (and I even surprised everyone by knowing Muhammad Ali's real name...I thought everyone did?!?) but wound up getting stomped on. Oh well.

James hung in there as well and we stayed out until 9:30! He was a hungry, tired little man by the time we left!

On Saturday we stayed around the house. Eddie got several projects done and James' room is now COMPLETE! (It only took us 18 months! Ha!) The letters were painted by a friend. She and her daughters have talked about starting an Etsy shop so if they do I'll post on here about it. She's SO talented!

The canvas hung over the bookshelf is something that I ordered for Eddie for Christmas last year. We've tried and tried to find a place for it and I don't know why it didn't occur to us to put it here! I'm planning on ordering several other (smaller) ones to put on the wall in our hallway.

Y'all...we have eaten pork chops all. week. long. Last Saturday night we grilled pork chops and made baked potatoes. On Tuesday night Eddie's office had customer appreciation and the local FFA grilled pork chops. On Wednesday we had leftovers from Saturday - pork chops. On Thursday Eddie brought home a bag of leftovers from Tuesday - pork chops. Last night we had leftovers again - pork chops. I am going to turn into a pork chop!!! We have THREE left! UGH.

After a delicious supper of pork chops we caught up on some of our DVR-ed tv shows and we were in the bed and asleep before 10:30! Life has changed in the past five years! 10:30 was SO early in college! We might just be going out!

Sunday morning we went to early church and James went to the nursery. We've had people say that they're amazed that we can make it to the early service with a baby but we have learned that A) he's already up by the time we need to start getting ready, B) we are HOME by 10 AM when he needs to take a nap, and C) we beat the church crowd for lunch!!!

When James woke up we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant down the street from us. It was great and James enjoyed talking to everyone who walked past him.

When we got back home Eddie let me take a nap while he played with James and fed him lunch. When I got up James was down for a nap and slept for a long time!

We spent the afternoon being lazy and enjoying playing and catching up on some tv.

The weekend was VERY uneventful! Sometimes they're great that way!

Next weekend we have a daytrip planned for a visit with some special people and to buy a new carseat for The Boy. Can't wait!

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Shelley said...

I Love it Lauren. Isn't Dianne the best! :) Thanks for sharing this post with me.