Friday, July 2, 2010

Evolution of a Nursery

Last summer, Eddie and I set about creating the perfect room for our baby boy. I spent lots of time in fabric stores and online looking for just the right things. My aunt lovingly sewed every bit of my bedding and curtains and even made a quilt to match. We picked out furniture and placed it carefully in just the right place. Baby clothes were washed and hung up. Blankets were also washed, folded, and put away. There was a place for diapers, wipes, and lotion. Baby toys were corraled in a cute ducky and placed in the corner where I just knew we'd spend hours playing. Books were carefully organized on his shelf. I vacuumed twice a week.

And then James was born.

Today when I walked into James' room, I noticed that things are a little different than they were eight months ago. The bedding is still there but the bumpers have been taken out because they were just being squashed by someone learning to pull up. The curtains are pulled up (and they aren't usually) but I haven't flattened the ruffles that the Roman Shade has. The crib is lowered almost to the floor, the dust ruffle hardly shows, and we have ugly brown rail covers tied on. The rocking horse was pushed back in a corner so that James wouldn't crawl on it. Baby clothes are piled in the rocking chair and get put away haphazardly. The diapers are still on a shelf but several are on the floor, some on the tv. The toys are everywhere. The ducky no longer contains them and even if it did, they wouldn't stay there long. Books are on the shelf but there is no rhyme or reason to the "organization." I vacuumed last week.

But it is lived in. And we are enjoying it. It may not be pretty or perfect now, but it is life.

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Anna Catherine said...

No offense, but I remember how your room used to look when we were growing up! haha! I have now taken on the messy trait! When I was still in college, my laundry was always done and perfectly put away! Now, I hardly have time to do it and it usually gets reworn before even making it back to my closet...and I don't even have a busy baby as an excuse!