Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Update...

Our weekend was SO boring. We really didn't leave the house at all. I guess that's a good thing because we'll be busy at least the next two!

On Friday night we went to dinner at Fatz (coupon!) and then went to Target for a few essentials. (It wound up being more than a few essentials. We can't ever get out of there without spending too much money!) When we got home we had a little boy who did not want to go to bed. He was so hot, even with the fan and air conditioner on and only in a diaper. Pitiful little thing cried and cried!

On Saturday Eddie was very productive in the yard. James and I played inside and worked on cleaning up the house. (I warned you that it was boring.) Around 5, Eddie decided to go to the grocery store for steaks and potatoes for supper. About five minutes after he left the bottom literally fell out of the sky. The wind was whipping through the yard like crazy and lightning was flashing all around us. It was scary. I hate bad weather. I hate it with a passion. When I was little I secretly loved that Tiftarea didn't have many firedrills and tornado drills because they just made me sick. (I don't remember them ever having drills like public school did...just when something actually happened.) (As a sidenote, I also hated those drills when I was teaching, but for a completely different reason. It is ridiculous to try to keep up with 25+ wild teenagers when they've been put outside with all of their friends.) We lived through the bad weather and were actually able to grill out. Those steaks were yummy!

Sunday I battled feeling bad again. Is it the weather? Am I having migraines? Do my eyes need to be checked? I have no idea. We ventured out for lunch at Zaxby's but that was all. Sunday afternoon we all took a good, long nap during the Law and Order: SVU marathon on USA and when we all got up James decided he wanted to go swimming. We filled up his baby pool, plopped him in (naked), and he promptly pooped in the pool. SO...we got out, dried off, put a diaper on, and played inside instead! Ha! I was so glad that this happened in our at-home baby pool instead of a public pool. That's my worst nightmare. (And I do realize if I'd put him in a swim diaper it would've been contained.)

So, that was our boring weekend. We're BUSY this week and next week so there will probably be fewer posts but a LOT to come after that! Yippee!!!


Catherine White said...

boring weekends are my favorite. Last night Rob and I thought wow, where did the weekend go. We literally had one hour the whole weekend to sit down. Thank you so much for your sweet email!

pcb said...

Hate to tell you...sounds like allergies are making you feel yukky.