Monday, June 28, 2010

James at Eight Months...

Eight months?!?! Where has the time gone? I was looking at newborn pictures this week and realized how much James has changed in such a short time. It has literally flown by. I've been a little frustrated with him this weekend because he's been such a cranky little man. I know it's because he's been spoiled rotten on our vacation and his teeth hurt and he's been pulling on his ear. I know he's just not feeling good. I hate that I'm frustrated. I need to enjoy every single second. Hope I can get better at that this week!

At eight months, James...

* Lost 0.4 pounds and didn't grow at all (according to our crude measurements). He's slimmed up a LOT in the past two months. I'll post month-by-month pictures later. They are funny!

* Is off the schedule again. I blame it on our vacation, but it really started before. He's been up almost every single morning for two weeks before 6 AM. I'm hoping he's just going through a growth spurt and we can work it out soon. On the plus side, he's been taking pretty good naps lately. Yesterday (Saturday) he took a 2 hour nap and a 1 hour nap. As I was writing this he woke up (we put him down around 8:30 and it's 11:30 now). He's been doing this more often, too. Think it's teeth? I'm not sure but I hope we get over it soon! I feel helpless when he cries in his sleep! Eddie is still rocking him at night. I have tried to do it myself but he just fights with me. Apparently I don't do it right! Ha!

* He's still wearing a size 3 diaper!

* He still eats about every 3 hours during the day. I usually alternate breastfeeding and baby food. (He still won't take formula...) Our schedule is a bit wacky lately, but today I nursed him at 5:30 and 8:30, fed him baby food at 11:30, nursed him at 12:30, fed him baby food at 3:30, nursed him at 4:30, fed him baby food at 6:30, and nursed him at 7:30. I can't get the baby food to last for more than an hour regardless of how much he eats. I've had cereal/oatmeal suggested, but he's not a fan. What else can I try? The doctor doesn't want us to do meats or dairy yet.

* He still takes a pacifier. I've been guilty lately of popping it in his mouth when we're out in public because he's a loud "talker." He has to have one to sleep but he might spit it out after a few hours.

* Still loving sleeping in his crib. He usually doesn't wake up from 9-5, give or take an hour or two either direction.

* He still has to have his wubbie to sleep. I need to get around to making some new ones soon!

* He's pretty happy during the day. He's usually only a grump if he's hungry or sleepy. If we're out and about he's a very happy camper. He likes to be outside and he likes to be on the go!

* He has five teeth now - three up top and two on the bottom. The fourth on the top is almost in, but not quite. Those incisors were tough!

* He's still a pretty good traveler. With all of our driving lately we did have a few times where I either climbed over the seat to sit with him or we stopped so I could get in the back. Three times in particular - and two of those were driving through Clemson. I'm pretty sure it was all of that nasty orange, though! (His Grandmama and Great Granddaddy would be so upset!) He's still riding in a rear-facing infant seat but I think we'll get a convertible pretty soon!

* Still likes a bath most of the time. It really all depends on our timing. Aly gave him a bath last week and he pitched a fit!

* He's still pretty talkative, especially to those he's been around for a while. He squeals all the time now and sounds like a little girl! Ha! Two weeks ago we were in the grocery store checkout and he squealed at the lady behind us because she wasn't paying attention to him! Little ham! He loves to be the center of attention!

* He's a pro at putting his paci in his mouth but sometimes puts it in upside down. He could care less and happily sucks away!

* He's crawling but he's a lazy crawler. He will crawl a little and then plop down on his belly and army crawl to get where he wants to go. He's trying to pull up and we've had lots and lots of bumps and bruises in the past month. His poor little forehead stays bruised!

* He wouldn't dance the entire time we were at the lake but he does give kisses when he feels like it. Usually they come out of nowhere, but he does give them on occassion when asked! They are wet and slobbery but I love them!

* He's so much fun!

Above is the damage to his crib. I hate to be angry about it because I know those teeth are bothering him. I've ordered covers so that even if he chews it won't damage it and I won't find him with chewed up wood all over his mouth!

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