Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Update...

The first few pictures are from last weekend, but I thought you might like to see them anyway!

We go through phases with toys. He plays with the same two or three for a while and then we move on and then come back around to the older ones. This week, the computer has been a huge hit. He's been blogging away at his high chair while I work on cleaning up or making supper!

Below he looks a little goofy, but it's his newest face. He's working hard on cutting those upper front teeth and I guess this feels good on those sore gums!

Fast and furious, again! Time goes WAY too quickly!

Friday night we went to Fatz for dinner and then went quickly to TJ Maxx and Lowe's. Grandmama will be pleased to know that we found a WINDSUIT for James that is Georgia AND Nike! We sort of felt like we stole it since it was $12 and originally $54! He is going to be so cute in it for football season. (Obviously, that would be bowl season since football season in Georgia is blazing hot for about 3/4 of it!)

On Saturday our neighborhood had its annual yard sales so we ventured out bright and early in search of bookshelves and a jogging stroller. We apparently have a book problem. We love them too much. We have too many. We do not want to part with any of them. We do not have enough space for them all. So...we looked for bookshelves. Unfortunately, we did not find bookshelves OR a jogging stroller, but we did get James two little fold-up tailgating chairs. They are precious. He's already enjoyed sitting in one of them! The bookshelf dilemma was solved when Mrs. Bobby called and said she has a number of them we can have. The jogging stroller dilemma was solved when I bit the bullet and ordered one today. (We wanted to put our hands on one first...we looked at the one Dick's Sporting Goods had today, decided what we liked about it, and ordered a different brand.)

Poor Scout had to go to the vet yesterday and I was worried sick she might bite someone. Eddie said she was well-behaved except when she growled at another dog in the waiting room. (I'd had the fore-thought to make him wear her muzzle, though.) She is a healthy girl and doesn't need to go back for another year.

Saturday afternoon Eddie got the ENTIRE garage cleaned out and organized. This has been an on-going task that we thought might never end. Fortunately, it has. He also washed my car. I will now be parking my shiny car inside the garage! :)

Grandmama got James a baby pool several months ago and since he was a sticky, sweaty mess on Saturday afternoon we decided it might be time to try it out. It's the tiniest pool I've ever seen in my life and he loves it.

Scout spent the majority of the afternoon in her pool as well...

This afternoon we headed up to Macon to meet Cara for some six-month (almost seven-month!) pictures in Washington Park. It was GORGEOUS and HOT but I think she might have gotten some great pictures. This is one sneak peek that she sent to me tonight...

Have a fantastic week!

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pcb said...

Lauren, he just gets cuter all the time! When Worth was that age, I think we ended up giving him his bath in the baby pool half the time!