Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday Balloon Wreath...

I have a little boy at my house who will be seven months old next week and all kinds of first birthday party ideas are floating around in my head. I'm not telling what they are yet (poor Bess has been bombarded with all kinds of pictures and ideas lately...), but I will say that this will be one of my summertime projects.

Have you visited How Does She? I love, love, love their ideas. They're the best!

PS - I'm trying not to think about it, but I found out that two more good friends were laid off today. I'm at a loss for words about the whole thing. I really, really hate that students will be missing out on their great teaching. They were teachers that were truly passionate about what they did. I had a conversation with one just last week that I would've LOVED history if I'd had her because of all the fun she makes it. My 11th grade history teacher made us "Copy the board!!!" and watch his slideshows (YES! I wasn't in high school that long ago and he was still in the dark ages with SLIDES) of his vacations. A "fun" day was when he got crazy and wrote with his purple overhead pen. Yuck.

PPS - Samuel Kirk was born this week! He and Jessica are still in the hospital and he'll have to stay a little longer than her. Keep them in your prayers. I've seen pictures and he's precious!

PPPS - Happy TWO MONTH birthday to Mr. Reed tomorrow! Woohoo! He's come such a long way! (Cousin Munchkin says hello! Ha!)

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