Monday, May 24, 2010

The Runner and the Farmer

I intend to post four different posts today in order to re-cap our weekend for you. However, it has taken me until 2 pm to just get the following pictures uploaded and onto the blog. Uploading pictures might one day be the death of me. Look for more posts later, but if they never show up you'll know why.

One day last week (Wednesday, I think), I paced back and forth by the front door about a million times. I was waiting for several packages to be delivered - some dresses, a bathing suit, a Southern Living order, and our new jogging stroller.

Finally and at last (around 6 pm!!!) it arrived at our door. We quickly put it together and threw James in it to take it for a spin around the block. I've used it a total of once since then (we've been busy, as you'll soon see...).

One of my goals for the summer is to start running again. (I say again like I was an avid runner or something before. I was not. I did, however, trudge my way through many miles on the treadmill before Eddie and I got married. That was way back fifteen pounds ago.) So with the addition of the jogging stroller AND a podcast for Couch-to-5K on my iPod that tells me when to walk and when to run, I think I am set. James is thrilled with our new purchase and has enjoyed it so far:

(His daddy put those sunglasses on him...James thinks he is hot stuff!)

Last time that Dad and Laura were in town, Dad planted a tomato plant for me in one of my flower beds. I assumed I would kill it right away, but it is amazingly thriving and has LOTS of green tomatoes on it.

Then, I planted a little sweet basil right beside the tomato plant.

As well as some rosemary.

Somehow, I've kept everything alive and looking great. (And when I say "I," I think I really mean "Eddie." He's my yardman. I love him because he lets me take credit for his work.) Hopefully some of these things will be used in tasty recipes this summer. I'll be sure to document that as well!

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