Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lake Weekend...

Okay, I finally just gave up on the individual picture posting. Blogger hates me. Slideshow it is!

On Friday, James and I headed up to the lake. We planned to meet Eddie, MaraDare, Cal, Grayson Anne, Amy, Jelks, Elli, and Jobe up there. By about 7 everyone had arrived and we headed out to eat dinner at Sheila's. There were not many people there at all and we were seated back in a room (almost) by ourselves. The kids could be loud, the adults could be louder, and we all had a good time.

When we got back to the lakehouse, I fed James and intended to go ahead and put him down for the night. He had other plans for us. He was so sleepy and would fall asleep but woke up immediately when we put him down. Unfortunately, we realized later that we had several factors working against us. He was having MAJOR tummy troubles that we're still working out. He's become an excellent eater lately, but it's taken a toll on his tummy. I also realized on Saturday morning that his top two teeth had popped through. I didn't think about taking any Tylenol with us so he was sort of miserable from that. The Pack-N-Play is not the most comfortable thing in the world, apparently. We also think he was a little unsure of his surroundings. SO...all of that to say that he partied with the adults and went to bed when we did at 1:30...then got in the bed with us at 5:30...and was ready to get up by 7. Yikes. That certainly made for a tired little boy and two tired parents on Saturday.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the lake. Elli had a run-in with a wasp almost immediately Saturday morning, but other than that there were no tears! The kids enjoyed swimming, jet-skiing, tubing, blowing water at each other, jumping off the dock (for some the top-dock!), and swinging in the hammock. I was amazed at what brave 3-4-and-6-year-olds they were!

I'd been concerned about James' nap-times. Fortunately, I had the fore-sight to think about putting him in the hammock. He probably slept 2 or 3 hours (both by himself and with an adult) in the hammock. It was excellent and now I want one for the house. It's so comfortable!

We stopped long enough to eat BBQ and macaroni and cheese for lunch and then the kids were back in the water! By 5 pm, we were a bunch of worn-out folks! I bet every single child slept the whole way home. I know that I was struggling to keep my eyes open!

We can't wait for the next lake trip!

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Sara said...

Hey Lauren! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog - except that I accidentally deleted it and had to copy & paste it back in - whoops! Guess Blogger hates me too :)
Call me crazy, but I think our boys resemble each other! Maybe it's just that they're almost the same age and they've both got some chunk! Whatever it is, they're adorable, right?!