Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Update...

On Saturday, Dad and Laura came down for the day. We planned to go to lunch and then to the Robins Air Force Base Museum of Aviation. I hadn't been since I was in second grade (and my only memory is that my teacher threw up on the bus) so I wasn't sure what to expect about it.

James was just excited about going on a stroller ride! He LOVES to be out and about!

Six Flags!!! Just kidding! (Eddie will kill me for this...)

We got to sit inside a jet.

Laura played Air Traffic Control.

We had to have a stop for a quick snack. This is the first time he's held the bottle. He could almost do it himself!

Funny new trick! James likes to lock his knees now and stand and arch his back. It's especially fun while he's in the bathtub (not!). When we fed him yesterday we put him back in his stroller and he locked his legs and rode that way for a little while. He was smiling because he could see everything! Don't worry...I didn't let him ride that way for long!

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Anna Catherine said...

Look out...that baby is finally growing some hair on his head! haha! Don't let him stand up, because then he'll want to crawl and walk and then he won't be a baby anymore!