Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Know You Go To Lowe's Too Often...

Eddie and I were in Old Navy on Saturday night looking for leftover deals ($15 jeans!) when we saw someone that I thought I recognized from high school. (J.D. Farrie? Is that his name? He was in chorus with me...) I pointed him out to Eddie and asked how I knew him. He laughed and said he worked at Lowe's. I asked him what his name was (still thinking he was the guy from high school) and Eddie said it was Markeith.

Fast forward to tonight. We walked in Lowe's and there is Markeith. Not remembering the whole conversation at Old Navy (I think I've lost my memory somewhere between October and now), I asked Eddie how I knew him. Eddie replayed the conversation for me and then started laughing and said "Let me tell you what happened last night!" Apparently, when Eddie ran to Lowe's (yes, he went last night and we went again tonight...) (We have been at least five times as a family since The Boy was born...and that doesn't count trips without me...) the guy said "Didn't I see you at Old Navy the other night?" They started up a conversation and Eddie told him I recognized him and he had to tell me where I knew him from. He said that he didn't tell Markeith that he knew his name because that would've been embarrassing. Markeith said that everyone recognizes him from Lowe's. He's a memorable guy (even if I thought it was from high school that I remembered him...).

When we went in tonight Markeith was there again. (I mean, obviously...since he works there and all. We are the ones that are there ridiculous numbers of times each week...). He laughed, shook Eddie's hand, and said something about us buying Lowe's out. And we really, really are trying to. Every single hard-earned dollar that Eddie brings home goes to Lowe's. But my house is going to look fantabulous when I finish decorating it for Christmas.

We also know all of the guys in the cabinet/appliance section (Russell!). We spent hours with them when we were trying to decide what to buy for the house last fall. Eddie probably also knows the guys in the lumber section after going time after time when building the fence. The only people who know me are the ones at Publix...I was known as the "coupon lady" this summer. (I have to have that nickname so that we can pinch our pennies to spend them at Lowe's.)

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