Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching Up...

We had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving. When I woke up this morning and Eddie was getting ready for work I was SO sad that it was all over! I want to keep him home with us all the time! (Of course, if I did that we'd be living in a tent in someone else's backyard...)

On Thursday we got up and Eddie started cooking the turkey in his Charbroil Oil-less Fryer. I gave it to him as a gift several birthdays ago and we'd never used it. It was INCREDIBLE. The turkey was perfection and everyone raved about it. Lowe's has them on sale. Go get one today! It was SO much cheaper and easier than frying a turkey. It did take longer, but it was worth it! (I think it was 10 minutes per pound as compared with 3 minutes per pound but I could be completely wrong).

Anyway, back to the festivities. Mom, Sonny, and Anna arrived around 10:30 with John following close behind from Atlanta. Mr. Tommy, Mrs. Bobby, and Kelly arrived not long after that and the food-preparing began. I was in charge of the turkey (or Eddie was...), an appetizer, bread, salad, and cranberry sauce. Everyone else brought the other sides and the desserts. They all left the leftovers with us and I swear we could eat for two more weeks on everything. I am LOVING it. I wish they'd last forever! Everything was SO good. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a meal that much! Yum! My child even fell asleep in his swing right before lunch so that no one had to hold him.

Friday evening Dad and Laura came down with lasagna, bread, a salad, and more pie. We had fun spending time with them even though they unfortunately had to witness Captain Fussypants. Oh well! Laura was able to pat his little bottom until he fell asleep!

Saturday Fake Aunt Lib came for a visit and we were SO excited to see her. We don't get to see her often enough since she lives so far away! We're hoping she'll get a job in Atlanta next year so we can see her more! Captain Fussypants showed up again at the end of her visit but we had to drop her off at Groome so that she could get to Atlanta anyway and he fell asleep in the car. We LOVED visiting with her!!! After dinner at O'Charley's and a win from the Dawgs we were worn out!!!

Sunday I was able to leave the boys at home so that I could run out and finish some shopping for Eddie. I'm almost done with both boys. Just one more thing for each of them! I've finished up shopping for a few other family members as well but I have a long list left! I've been super-organized this year and have a nerdy Excel spreadsheet that lists each person, the spending limit for them, and gift ideas that I've had. We are staying UNDER budget this year!!! It's so easy to get carried away but I'm determined to get GREAT gifts for a reasonable amount of money! I'm a sharp smopper if there ever was one!

I'll post some pictures later today of James over the weekend!

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