Monday, October 5, 2009

38 Weeks...

Another great appointment this morning. Is it bad that I look forward to going to the doctor? I have not dreaded ONE appointment!

My blood pressure was 122/74 so I'm still looking good. I HATED the number on the scale this morning. It's officially my "what I didn't want to weigh" weight. And no, I'm not telling what that is. Good thing I only have 2 weeks left - I know I've been blessed not to deal with tons of weight gain like some do.

The Boy's heart sounded good this morning as well. It was 136 bpm. It was a little slower than it typically is, but he's been very sleepy this morning. I'm not sure he's awake yet!

Dr. H. (my bff) came in and checked me again. I'm dilated about a "fingertip" but my cervix is at least getting soft. Sorry if it's TMI! She said she didn't think we were quite there yet. I'm not allowed to have the baby this weekend because she'll be in the Bahamas. Very nice, huh? Hopefully I'll hold off for the Dinner Club crowd to come up anyway.

Eddie and I asked about when to go to the hospital so we're feeling better about that now. We also asked what our chances are for her to deliver us. She delivers FOR SURE on Mondays. Dr. W. is Tuesday and Dr. N. is Wednesday. Their Thursday-Sunday rotation is a little off. The fourth doctor (whom I've never met) is no longer with them (praise the Lord! - he's the one I've heard horror stories about) so I have a 1 in 3 chance of having her. She did say she'd be the one to induce me if we get to that point. We COULD go to 42 weeks, but she'd rather not do that. She would induce as early as next week, but it all depends on how my body is working things out. Obviously, we'd like to avoid a c-section so we don't need to induce too early. I'd just prefer to have him before my birthday. We shall see what God wants!

Again, she's my best friend forever and I love her dearly and need everyone to pray that she's the one that will deliver me! Fingers crossed!

Our weekend was a good, but busy one. Eddie's family came up on Saturday to help him around the house. Kelly, the most excellent painter ever, came and finished up painting in the kitchen that we'd left undone for a year. It's totally complete now. Mr. Tommy helped Eddie with some projects - hanging shelves in the garage, fixing a board in our bathroom, pulling up several trees in our yard, etc. Mrs. Bobby (bless her!) came and worked in my flower beds so that they don't look awful anymore! She planted several different kinds of flowers, put out pine straw, re-potted some of my plants, and swept off my stoop. Hallelujah! I was basically the slug who couldn't do anything to help all weekend. I hate that. I'm ready to be a normal person again!

Unfortunately, I also learned how high-anxiety I am right now and how much my nesting really has kicked in. I vacuumed The Boy's room five times last week. That's normal, right? Ha! As I slugged around on Saturday I worried about being able to clean up afterwards. I Swiffered the kitchen when we got home from supper. I'm sure they think I'm crazy!

Today will be getting things straightened up again! It's rainy so it's a good day to be inside anyway!

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