Friday, September 4, 2009

Promised Pictures...

Ok, patience with the pictures this afternoon. Anna pointed out the other day that I hadn't posted pictures in a while. The reason for that is I upload pictures, Blogger scrambles them up, and then won't let me re-sort them in a decent order. Try to follow along with me anyhow...

We spent last weekend in Tifton. The minute we walked in the door we were given a gift (seems to happen a lot these days...don't know what we'll do when that stops!). Sonny had picked out books ALL BY HIMSELF for The Boy. The following is one of the four books we were given. Note how it is all about counting coins and that the appropriate age for the book is 5, 6, or 7. Bless his heart. He says The Boy will be a genius. I better start saving my money because I won't be able to help him with his homework if he is!

On Saturday, Mom and I hit up the Children's Clothing Exchange that's held semi-annually (not bi-annually, Shelley). We strategized a little ahead of time about how to approach our clothing search and acutally came home with 8 cute little outfits totaling in under $100. One of the outfits had its original tag and was bought for $56. I paid $20 for it. Not too shabby, huh?

Here is one of Sonny's other selections. I believe we'll be able to handle this numbers book. I won't have to go by Sylvan to be tutored before reading it to him, at least. Y'all think I'm lying about my math skills. I subbed for Sherry in the after-school tutoring program at Eighth Street two years ago. She said "Oh, it'll be easy! They just do their homework and then get on computers." Yea, most of my kids wound up down the hall with Dianne because I couldn't help them with their EIGHTH GRADE math homework. I'm hanging my head.

On Sunday morning John came by and I got to open another gift. Are y'all getting just how spoiled we've gotten? This is the cutest thing. His name is Bed Dog. The story about Bed Dog is that we'd gone at Christmas to visit my Aunt Bertie in Ashburn. She wanted to give us gifts so Mom said she had someone run around the house to collect various things to give us. John went home with a tiny little stuffed dog that had been WELL loved before John ever met him. John slept with him for a long time after that. I believe he was named Bed Dog after Brad Smith's own little stuffed animal that HE had as a child. So this is a third-generation Bed Dog. Too cute! I tried to find Bed Dog 2 to take a picture but as Mom's house is being *ahem* re-organized right now we couldn't locate him.

Last, but certainly not least...three pictures of the fence. We're hoping to complete the sides on Monday. And when I say we, I mean Eddie. Then all that's left are the gates!

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