Monday, September 7, 2009

34 Weeks...

The time is flying by. I'm not sure whether to be REALLY ready to be finished with this pregnancy and all of its uncomfortable-ness or be REALLY sad that it's almost over and REALLY nervous because I'm not "ready" for it yet. I fluctuate between all three of those feelings.

Still feeling about the same. I don't go to the doctor's office today because it's Labor Day, but I will go next Monday. I believe that's the day they'll do the Group B screening.

The Boy is still going through times of being really awake and active and really sleepy. If he wears himself out playing one day, he takes a break the next. Yesterday, on the way home from Atlanta, I had to tickle him and poke him to get him to move - but then he was pretty active for a little while. I love feeling him wiggle around but sometimes - when he doesn't - it's a little stressful! I'm ready to be able to see him for that reason!

On and off I'm feeling good. I had a GREAT day last Thursday and spent the entire day cleaning. On Friday I felt a little less motivated. I felt really good again on Saturday except when I was getting ready that morning. It seems like my shower/hair drying/make-up-ing routine wears me out these days. I think it's because it's a lot of standing still. Walking doesn't seem to bother me as much. On Sunday I made the mistake of eating PANCAKES for breakfast. What was I thinking? Oh well. We went for a walk afterwards and my heartrate was a little high. Dad kept checking it to see the fluctuations. At least he knows I'm not whining about a fake condition! I'm ready to be able to do more!!! Hopefully my "normal" body will be back soon. Then I've just got to get that one in shape!

We had a great weekend! More on all the fun later!

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