Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What We've Been Up To...

Over the weekend we were in and out of town. On Friday we stayed at home and grilled out. I made the stupid error of grabbing a metal skewer that had just come off the grill. So we also dealt with treating a burn. I learned later from Keith and Shelley that if you don't have anything else (and even though Neosporene SAYS it's for burns, DON'T USE IT) you can put jelly on a burn to take the sting out. It blistered up in a few tiny spots and wouldn't quit burning unless I kept ice on it so we did run to Walgreen to get a bottle of burn ointment. It fixed it pretty quickly and I haven't had any pain since!

After that ordeal on Friday night we watched two episodes of Trueblood. It's an HBO show that I keep hearing about so I put it on our Blockbuster list and we started the first season. It's pretty dark and like most HBO shows it has lots of sex, violence, and language in it, but we've enjoyed it so far. It does get sort of gross at times and is pretty gory but the storyline pulls you in.

On Saturday, Eddie worked on the fence in the morning and then we got ready to go to Tifton. Cal's birthday was on Friday and we went down to grill out and celebrate with them. I'm glad we did. We always have a fun time getting together with everyone. We also stopped by the Fresh's house to visit. We thought they were going to the lake, but plans had changed and we were able to see them. Eddie sold his old truck so he had to clean it out and make sure he had everything he needed to pass it along to the buyer this week.

Last night was our 4th Childbirth class. We have one more to go where we'll tour the hospital and hear about carseat safety. They would also put our carseat in for us, or show us how to do it, but we won't have one by next week so we'll have to worry about that later. Last night's class was one of the better ones. It was on Mama/Baby Care and we were instructed on what to expect after delivery as far as pain and treatment and other lovely stuff. We were all laughing pretty hard by the end of her "presentation." I'm sure it won't be so funny after delivery, but last night she showed us everything they'll use to "take care" of us and it got to be hilarious. I can't wait to have my own pair of extra large panties. She also talked about cord care and circumcision care. Let me just tell you, the description of how they DO the circumcision is HORRIBLE. I thought Eddie was going to have a fit. Eddie did get a little excited about the souvenir HE gets from the hospital. They give the daddies a pair of scrubs (only a top if we're not a c-section) and once the baby's born they'll stamp his feet above the chest pocket. I thought that was kind of a sweet memento. Can't wait to see how big those feet are going to be. Mom thinks it's funny that the doctor told her my feet were the biggest he'd ever seen. Should be interesting for the little man...

Mom is going to be in town today. I'm not sure what we'll do. I have some errands that need to be run so I'm sure she'll tag along for those. Other than that, I'm not sure what fun we'll get into!

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Anonymous said...

Next time get some Aloe plant. I have PLENTY if you want to plant some in your flower bed. Cut it open and rub the "juice" on the burn, sun burn, bug bite, etc. WONDERFUL quick relief.