Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We're Graduates!

I'll start by saying thank you for all of the concern for my back after the last post. I've had lots of people tell me that I don't need to be doing that and that I need to hire someone to clean for me. Let me reiterate that it wasn't supposed to require manual labor on my part. That sort of just happened. My back seems to feel better today than it did yesterday. My rear end and thighs hurt as well. Bending and lifting buckets of water to drown bubbles is definitely not a good idea while pregnant. Just leave them be, folks. Your husband can deal with it when he gets home. I still haven't taken a bath in the stupid thing, though.

Last night was our last night of Prepared Childbirth. We learned no breathing/relaxation techniques the entire time, much to my mother's dismay. Guess I need to be googling Lamaze. We DID learn some things about labor and delivery, though. We also got a course on carseat safety last night, a topic that I knew nothing about and now feel totally overwhelmed about. It makes me think about the movie "Matilda" with Danny DeVito. When they leave the hospital, Matilda is in a carrier and he just throws it in the back of their station wagon so she slides around the entire way home. I didn't offer this little gem as an example last night; I got the feeling that my humor wouldn't be shared by the carseat technician. (I didn't know there even WAS such a thing!)

We also got a tour of the hospital while we were there. I know WHERE to go when I go into labor now. I should have taken my camera because I think it's hilarious but if you're one of the ones who plans to come to the hospital, please note that the sign where you turn says "Women's Center" and "Deliveries" on the same sign. And they aren't talking about babies. It's where the food-service trucks go! Although, I imagine many, many people have felt like they were in their own delivery truck when they've pulled up to the Women's Center. It cracks me up every time!

There are two parts to our hospital stay. In Tifton, you deliver and remain in the same room. Not so where we'll be. I will go to admissions, they'll make sure I really am in labor, and they'll put me in a delivery room. I don't know if you've ever watched "Birth Day" or "A Baby Story" on TV, or if you've ever been in Tifton's hospital rooms, but those are NOT like what I saw last night. The room they showed us (which I'm assuming is the same as the rest of them) is TWICE the size of a typical hospital room. It was huge! It has all of the same "stuff" in it, though, I'm sure.

After you deliver and they get everything "in order" (she said it'd be about 2-3 hours after delivery), they move you to the Post-Partum wing of the Women's Center. This is a new part and it is fancy schmancy. It still looks like a hospital room, but it's pretty nice. Eddie was checking out the couch and said it doesn't really look all that comfortable. I reminded him that he'd probably be reverting back to his college-self and could pretend it was a futon. He doesn't think his body will allow him to go back to his college-self.

We got to see the babies in the nursery. Those babies were pretty popular. One had a huge crowd standing around to see him/her. I'm amazed at the way the nurses just sling the babies around. They don't seem to be gentle at all!

Hopefully in 7.5 weeks (or whenever he decides to make an appearance) we'll be ready for it. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! Be thinking of us!!!

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