Monday, August 31, 2009

33 Weeks...

That's 49 days in case you're wondering. Oh my. Where has the time gone???

According to the books The Boy weighs approximately 4.5 pounds and is 19 inches this week. Wow! I've vastly underestimated his size recently! What a big boy!

As for MY size, I've definitely grown lately. My maternity shirts are getting shorter on me and I sometimes need to wear the next size up in maternity clothes. I ordered my regular size from Old Navy at the beginning of the pregnancy and the clothes were so big that I had to RE-order clothes. I didn't send the first ones back and they're starting to fit these days!

I hit 20 pounds ONCE last week when I weighed. I screamed, stepped off the scale, stepped back on and it was back down to 19.5 pounds. I'm more comfortable with that number! Ha! It's just a matter of time. It seems like in this pregnancy I gain weight quickly and then don't gain at all for several weeks. I'll probably put on 5 pounds in a matter of two days and then not gain anything for three weeks!

I've gotten tickled at The Boy lately. He has patterns and ways of doing things. Today he had the hiccups THREE times. I always feel it in my lower left abdomen. In addition to that, he has REALLY enjoyed pushing against my ribs with his feet lately. I can feel him begin to stretch and then there's a big lump of baby that comes poking out on the other side of my stomach. Anna witnessed my alien-ness this weekend for the first time and was slightly weirded out by it. I've gotten so used to his showing off that I almost don't notice it anymore!

We got lots of treats this weekend. I'll share those on Tuesday.

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