Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Eddie, Chuck, Lori, and I spent Wednesday through Sunday at the beach. Cal, MaraDare, Keith, Shelley, Jelks, Amy, and Lily joined us on Friday. I had the best time. I wish I could share fun moments with you, but because I'm a horrible photographer, I took a total of 2 pictures - one of a rainbow and one of Lily at J.T.'s. I blame it on the fact that I stayed submerged in the swimming pool for approximately 15 hours while we were there. I could've stayed much, much longer but I didn't have food and the boys kept running out of beer.

The funniest moment of the trip, I will share. Keith and Shelley share my love of games and brought a plethora of them to keep us entertained. Not everyone else shares our love so we only played Saturday night. We played Catch Phrase - something I'd never played before but discovered is a lot like Taboo. You're given a word, name, or phrase and you have to describe it without using any of the words in the word, name, or phrase. For instance, if you're given the word "pencil" you have to describe it to your partners without saying "pencil." They're a lot harder than that. Shelley and I played after everyone else abandoned us. She was giving me clues. Her word was someones name and she described the person as a Hispanic female with short, curly hair. I'm guessing all of the Hispanic females I can think of and she's frustrated that I can't get her person. Finally, time runs out and Keith yells "It was ROSIE PEREZ! Good grief, Lauren!" Shelley's face fell and then she began laughing hysterically and fell off of the sofa. Keith, realizing that she'd made a hilarious mistake, ran over to see what she'd done. Her person was Rosa Parks. I believe a Black History lesson is in order for her.

Last night we had our first of five Childbirth classes. There were LOTS more people there than I expected and a lot of them were quite different than what I'd expected. We went around the room and introduced ourselves and our partners. It was interesting to see when people were due, what they were having, etc. Interesting all around. Last night we talked about some of the aches and pains we might be experiencing and what to expect a little during the birthing process. Next week we get to watch a video. Woohoo!

This morning I got up and got ready for the doctor's office and had to drink the Glucola for the Glucose Tolerance Test. To say that it was nasty would be the understatement of the year. I think the problem was they gave me fruit punch and I HATE fruit punch, even when it's NOT packed with extra sugar. It was like Hawaiian Punch gone bad. I hate Hawaiian Punch. Stupid birthday party drink. Bleh. They drew two or three vials of blood from me, I talked to Dr. N, and then they sent me on my way.

Question for all of you who are more outgoing and forceful than me. The first part of my pregnancy I only saw Dr. W. She's VERY sweet and I enjoyed seeing her. The past two times I've seen Dr. N. While he's nice, I'd rather see Dr. W. On my ticket the past two times the doctor's name has changed from Dr. W. to Dr. N. I'm not sure if they put the doctor who saw me, or the doctor I'm using. I don't want to be Dr. N.'s patient, I want to be Dr. W.'s patient. Would you question this or just let it go? I like them both, but would feel more comfortable with Dr. W. I realize that in a practice I get rotated around because sometimes they have to be out delivering babies and I may not get Dr. W. when I deliver, but I don't want to be changed to someone else's patient. Would you speak up? We go back on Friday for a 3D/4D and then in two weeks for my 30 week appointment. What would you do?


Lori Bargeron said...

I would ask them about it. At my doctor's office, you had to have at least one appt. with every dr in the practice that delivers babies because they wanted you to know them if they had to deliver your baby. However, after those appts., then you went back to your regular dr. I would just ask about it. They will understand. It will put you more at ease to know and not have to worry about it.

Anna Catherine said...

Mom said she'd ask about that too!

Anonymous said...

I would ask. What do we always tell our students????"Never a dumb question!"