Saturday, January 17, 2009

So fun!

Our outing today was wonderful! We never have time to spend on the weekends here as just the two of us so it was fantastic to get that chance today!

Our day out started with a trip to the new Greek restaurant in town. It was wonderful and we'll definitely be going back! The food was good, the service was great! We think it must be owned by a Greek family in town because there seemed to be some family members eating with the owner of the place today. It's just a guess, but that's what we think anyway! They've been open for almost three weeks according to our waiter. I had a gyro and Eddie had something called a "Greek Village Wrap." I had food envy and will be getting that next time!

On our way to the restaurant I made the comment that I wasn't sure I would be able to sit through a three-hour movie in the theater but I'd try since Eddie wanted to go. He responded that he was only going because he thought I wanted to go! Ha! We both agreed that we wanted to see the movie, but the idea of sitting for that long wasn't so appealing. SO...we skipped the movies and went for a walk outside instead.
There's a park not too far from where we were and we'd wanted to go and check it out. The park turned out to be a path through a small neighborhood. It's not nearly as great as I thought Bear Hollow in Athens was, but it was fun nevertheless. (Anna, have you been to Bear Hollow???)

We finished our day out by going to Old Navy, Books-A-Million, and Home Depot before heading back home.

Tonight we FINALLY watched The Kite Runner (we've had it since July - thank goodness for no late fees!) and we liked it a lot. We'd both read the book and really liked it! We also ate chili and tried to stay warm inside! I've enjoyed the cold weather but I'm really beginning to imagine beach season again! Hope it comes soon!!!

Tomorrow my favorite one-year-old is coming to visit! Can't wait to see that baby girl!

Enjoy the long weekend! It's flying by!

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