Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gators, Great Gifts, and Gallbladders...OH MY!

We headed to Fernandina on Friday night and arrived at around 11 PM. The girls settled down quickly and tried to get some sleep and the boys enjoyed talking late into the night. I think we all regretted that early Saturday morning when our alarms went off!

There is not much to say about the game (and not much I'm allowed to say about tailgating) but a good time was had by all (*ahem* most...)! I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them from MaraDare. So much for me taking my camera! I took a total of TWO pictures all weekend!

On Sunday when we got back into town we had birthday dinner at Mom's. Sonny made ribs and Mrs. Bobby and Mr. Tommy came over to eat as well. I racked up this year, I must say! Mrs. Bobby and Mr. Tommy gave me very cute terracotta pumpkins a few weeks ago so that I could use them this year. Anna and John gave me REAL pearl earrings since mine broke on our wedding day. (Good thing we don't believe in signs and bad luck!) And Mom, Sonny, and Dixie gave me WII FIT!

So far it is SO much fun! Eddie and I played with it Sunday night when we got home...even though it was 10 PM. After school yesterday I worked out on it for 25 minutes and today I've worked out 30. It's definitely not tough as far as cardio goes (you can jog and do aerobics but nothing too strenuous) but it's GREAT as far as a yoga/pilates-type regimine goes. One of my biggest problems has to do with lack of core strength and bad posture. Wii Fit has already caused me to be more conscious of BOTH of those things. As you use it more, you're able to open new games and strength training or yoga moves. It also weighs you, calculates your BMI, sets goals for you, and keeps track of how often you're working out. I'm planning to do more tonight after supper. Even Eddie likes it!

On Friday Eddie will undergo gallbladder surgery at about 7 AM. It's supposed to be routine and is outpatient so it shouldn't be TOO bad. However, keep him in your prayers! He told me tonight that he's planning on going to my Michael Drive house to rake the yard so he can put pinestraw out next week. Umm...I'm pretty sure he won't be feeling up to that, right? If he is he's FOR SURE going to Madeline's wedding!!! Just be thinking of him!

More pictures soon! We're getting counter tops on Thursday so I'll have brand new kitchen pictures at the end of the week!

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