Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Summer Bucket List

Well, hello there! Should I re-introduce myself? I'm back (however briefly) to share our Annual Summer Bucket List. Not surprisingly, I was met with a fair bit of complaining and gnashing of teeth when I suggested we make this list, but we powered through it anyway. James assured me he is "not three years old" when we started and I told him if he didn't suggest things I'd add zoo trips and berry picking to the list so he'd better get it together and help me!

Also not surprisingly, our list is FULL of ALL THE SPORTS. That's pretty much what life revolves around these days! Here at the beginning of May, we are full steam ahead with summer swim (which really has become year-round swim, minus about 2 months, for James). Will is going to join him at the end of the month. Will is also very interested in tennis this summer. And James has signed himself up for a variety of golf tournaments as well as the coveted Drive Chip Putt competition, where he hopes to pass the first round and I hope he is just able to compete against the kids who are also there and probably all eat, sleep, and breathe golf (we don't at this point...).

In addition to all of the sports, we threw a few foods to try, a few fun things to do on a rainy day, a few church items, movies, and trips. It's already shaping up to be a VERY busy summer! I hope to share it all with you!


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