Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Halloween 2021

 I have been beyond terrible at keeping up with this space, but I sure would love to be able to look back on it for memories! We had a fun, but BUSY Halloween this year. Halloween is my favorite and it went by SO quickly! I was so sad! 

After last year, I thought we wouldn't get another costume duo so Will began trying to come up with a costume without James. A few months ago, Will recruited a friend and classmate to dress up with him. It was an EASY costume and we had all of the essential pieces, so I just let them roll with it. Then a few weeks ago I volunteered to do a trunk for our church's Trunk or Treat and wound up trying to figure out what theme I could pull together for that. BUT Will's costume for trick or treating wouldn't work for trunk or treat. James conceded to help IF and only if he got to pretty much control what we did. And thus, a trunk theme - rivalry football - was born!

Last Wednesday, we packed up our football gear and headed to the church parking lot for some fun! We had a great time handing out candy and visiting with our friends! James was Georgia's Kirby Smart, calling plays from the sidelines, and Will was Clemson's Trevor Lawrence. Clemson probably really wishes they had him this year! He's moved on to the NFL, but Will looks so much like him and loves Clemson so it was a natural choice!

Because Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, our town was conflicted about which night was preferential to Trick or Treating. It turned out that Grandmamma's neighborhood was one night, ours was another. Win, win for the boys! After Trunk or Treat, Will realized that the football pants he wore to Trunk or Treat were a one-and-done thing since we borrowed them and needed to return them to their owner. We started, again, brainstorming costumes for him and while Elliott from E.T. was the clear winner, nothing could easily be thrown together with 2-day shipping. Finally, we had a brainstorm and James actually agreed to be part of a duo costume AGAIN. This one wound up being HILARIOUS. Wayne's World came together quickly and easily and after watching pieces of the movie, the boys were excited, too. Will couldn't believe that several MOMS knew who they were while they were Trick or Treating! I assured him that the moms definitely knew, but the kids probably didn't! We handed out candy, went to a few houses, and went through the Haunted Trail near Grandmamma's before calling it a night!

Sunday was the night we had been waiting for, though! James got invited to a friend's house and resurrected the Kirby costume for that. Will and the friend that were dressing up together had, at this point, also recruited a third friend and everything was ready to go! They were so excited and had the best time Trick or Treating together! The boys were highly insulted that there was no General Lee for them to ride in so at the last minute, one family got their Ranger for them and the other family bought two General Lee flags to put on the sides. Those three had the BEST time being chauffeured around! 

I'm already brainstorming costumes for NEXT year. I may need to show some restraint!

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