Wednesday, November 25, 2020

What We're Up to...

 Well, hello there! *tap tap tap* Is anyone still here? I've had the itch to write recently so I thought it was time to pull out the old blog and update you on life with the Freshes.


James is 11 years old now (I cannot even believe it) and loves all things sports. All the sports, all the time. He loves to play sports, is constantly throwing and/or catching something, and also enjoys watching and discussing sports 24/7.

James excels at reading and writing (and always has), but math is NOT his thing. He is my child FOR SURE. Decimals, multiplication, and long division are MAJOR downers these days.

James is a world champion eater. He loves to try new foods (even if he may not like it) and the QUANTITY of food he eats is impressive.


Will is 8.5 years old now and is definitely the wild card of our family. He is our LOVER and dreamer. Our highly emotional (both good and bad!) child. He is the baby, baby of our family. If you have one, you know. He's our snuggliest, loviest child, but he can turn on a dime and be the most complicated family member of all.

Surprisingly, Will is our artsy/creative kid! He is constantly taking things apart, building things, and has a dozen projects going. He joined Art Club at school this year ($25 for the year to stay an extra 1.5 hours after school once a week? Yes, please. I wish James would sign up, too!). He. LOVES. IT. We've been so happy that he has enjoyed it so much!

Will has his own style and he isn't afraid to use it. He knows what he likes to wear and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks. His hair is a statement as well. We might've encouraged him to grow it out this year and if it hadn't been that it was SO hot catching during baseball season, he might've kept on growing it. In the past two years I think he's had about 4 haircuts total. Those curls are pretty and we love it!

Eddie & Lauren

Things are pretty much always the same for the grown-ups in the family. We've tried to weather this weird year just like everyone else has. It has been SUPER stressful at work, unfortunately. Decisions about when to open the preschool, money being a HUGE issue for the preschool, etc., have caused more gray hairs and wrinkles than I'd care to count. Praise Jesus we aren't facing those trials personally. We've been pretty ok on the home front this year and even though things were stressful, we did enjoy the slower pace over the spring and summer.

I cannot BELIEVE that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We are semi-stuck at home this week after having been around two people that are possibly sick. (One tested positive, one did not but is treating it like he is positive.) They're people that we don't come into major contact with and we haven't been told to quarantine, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. We aren't visiting anyone this week for Thanksgiving, but we are enjoying being home and decorating for Christmas, watching all of the Christmas movies, and trying to get some organization back into our lives!

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