Sunday, January 27, 2019

Taste of Thomasville

Several months ago, a few friends mentioned doing a food tour in Thomasville, Georgia. We'd never eaten there - we drive THROUGH Thomasville to go to Tallahassee to eat - but we were intrigued and immediately said we were in! We tried to plan the trip before Christmas, but wound up not being able to make it happen, so this was the weekend. We have a great crew of families in our neighborhood who are all about our ages. Their kids are all a little younger than ours, but we get together fairly regularly for meals and we've Trick-or-Treated together for several years. It's a fun crowd! Those couples, plus two more that don't live in our neighborhood, planned to go! Sadly, at the last minute one couple had to be out of town and another has been incredibly sick. That's just an excuse to get to do this again, because it was DELICIOUS.

We met downtown between Jonah's and Liam's to begin the tour. My ONLY complaint would be that they didn't give us a handout telling what we ate and drank at each restaurant, so this is all from memory. I wish there had been a handout or something to write on. I also didn't take the first picture of the food, but it was incredible.

We started the night at Liam's where the owner told us all about the wine and cheese we had. I'd go back to Liam's in a heartbeat just to learn more from the owner! She was so knowledgable! We had duck, two kinds of cheeses, pecans, and an INCREDIBLE honey paired with a glass of wine. The cheese, honey, and pecans make the top of my list of foods we ate. Delicious!!!

Our second restaurant was Moonspin. Here, we tried breadsticks with marinara and pesto dipping sauces, "Florida Georgia Line" - a pizza topped with spicy sausage and caramellized Vidalia onions, a beer or Spodie Odie Sangria. Again, all was incredibly delicious. I think this may be Eddie's favorite stop of the evening. James would've LOVED it. They also have pasta on their menu. It was very good!

Next, we walked over to SoHo. OH my word. Here, they served Pimento Cheese Dumplings that were the HIT of the evening for me. There was also a chicken wing that was good, but I would've taken 10 more dumplings. They served a cocktail here that was great as well. Again, I would've stayed and eaten off this menu!

After SoHo, we walked down the street to The Plaza Restaurant. This was my least favorite stop of the evening, but we still really enjoyed it. We agreed that the vibe was just a little different from the rest of the restaurants. The others were all very modern and this one seemed a little older. Here, they served a delicious Greek salad (this was very good!), chicken and pepper skewers, and baked oysters. Eddie and I don't eat oysters so we passed ours off to someone else and heaped on the salad. The drink here was another cocktail that had a LOT of basil in it. It was a good stop, it just wouldn't be one I'd go out of my way to return to.

Our last stop of the evening was at The Farmer's Daughter, a wine bar. Here, we tasted a wine and had s'mores chocolate. Delicious, but not nearly as good as the first three stops.

We had the most fun! All of us agreed that it was a great date night activity and we'd all enjoy going back for another trip. Our hope is that we can return soon to do the daytime tour and hit the rest of the restaurants for lunch!

If you're local, give it a try! We will be back to Thomasville soon!

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