Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We Interrupt This Message...

Best laid intentions, right? We are down for the count!

James' team had a baseball tournament last weekend and we were preparing for that which meant ZERO Halloween activities at our house Friday and Saturday. (Actually the past TWO weekends we have been baseball-ing.) I owe you a post for that because travel baseball (modified-travel baseball...we stay close to home only!) has been a TON of fun.

Then on Monday night, just as we were settling in, James came down with the worst stomach virus he has ever had. He was sick from 10PM until 6AM and was puny all day yesterday. Eddie also got it around 5:30AM and spent the rest of the day in the bed or the bathroom. Fun times.

Meanwhile, THERE IS A HURRICANE COMING! You know what's NOT fun while you're trying to prep for a hurricane? Disinfecting from the throw ups! Y'all. It has been ridiculous. I've slept in a chair for two nights and tonight is not looking any better because the worst part of the storm is schedule to hit us 4pm-4am. Greattttt. 

We are probably going to be without power for a few days so don't look for anything new here for a while. I will try to play catch up in a few days!

Prayers for the Gulf Coast, the Florida panhandle, and all of South Georgia and Alabama. HURRICANE SEASON BE GONE!

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