Sunday, May 6, 2018

Life Lately

There are moments in life that just catch me by surprise and take my breath away. It's weird. I was looking on Amazon Prime tonight for some of my favorite shows when I was little to share them with the boys and I saw The Backyardigans. There was a time when we were obsessed with The Backyardigans. And Go, Diego, Go! And Little Bear. But those days are gone and when I realized it tonight it made me supremely sad. Could I get them to watch those shows? Sure. I could turn it on and they'd be sucked in for a bit. But I can't go back to those sweet little moments. James is stuck somewhere between little boy and grown up boy and Will is following right behind. I have been terrible about updating the blog so I thought it was high time to give you a glimpse into what life is like these days.

Mostly, it is this...

We are all baseball all the time right now. Typically, we are at the baseball fields Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights but we also get together with our baseball buddies on the occasional Saturday. We have one more week of regular games and then the next week starts a tournament. I really, truly do love it but it's exhausting because it's at the busiest time of the whole year. I need a summer baseball league.

Also, we got this new family member...

Her name is Sassy and she is about five months old...ish. We found her on March 19th when Eddie and Hank went for a walk and she followed them home. We were CERTAIN she belonged to someone, but apparently that was just us. She is VERY sweet. She's not a huge snuggler, but she completely tolerates the boys and their antics and doesn't mind small doses of Hank (although he pretty much terrorizes her now). She's a sweet girl and sticks close to the house. It's time for her to get spayed so that will be happening in the next week or two. No kittens for us, please!!!

I had Lasik surgery back in March and I can SEE! I'll write a whole post on it if I get time. It's had its pros and cons, but overall I've been pretty pleased!

We've also been busy with just the regular rigamarole of life! We've had an action-packed spring. We finished up 13 months of annual passes to Disney World in February and thought we'd be DONE going for a while, but that is never the case with us. We saw the Lion King in Jacksonville with some friends back in February and it was amazing again. The boys loved it! Mom and I went to St. Simons for the Tour of Homes and saw some gorgeous houses. I LOVED one in particular. Gotta figure out how to buy a 7 bedroom home on Sea Island....For Eddie's birthday we celebrated with a day trip to Athens for a UGA baseball game and had a great time! We headed up to Perry a few weekends later to see Junie B. Jones the Musical at Perry High School and saw some friends.

James' Cub Scout Blue and Gold Ceremony was a few weekends ago. He didn't participate in the Pinewood Derby this year (TOO MUCH GOING ON!), but he did get to cross over from Wolf to Bear. We're not sure whether we'll do it next year, but he's completed this year!

Will is wrapping up a great Kindergarten year. It has been awesome and it has been hard. He's just not a school boy and is ready for it to be OVER. He is surprising himself by reading. He's still all boy but very much my homebody and snuggle buddy. He LOVES watching movies and is especially in love with 80s and 90s movies that I find that I watched as a kid which thrills me to no end. He is a chick in our church's children's musical tonight and is just MORTIFIED that he has to wear a clip-in feather on top of his head. He is NOT destined for the theater like his brother. 

James is almost finished with 2nd grade. He has had an okay year, but not his best year. He's been a busy little bee outside of school, though. He has played tennis, done gymnastics, baseball, and tennis again this year. He hasn't met a sport he doesn't like!

One of the most exciting things that has happened this year happened the day before Easter! We have a new baby cousin!!!! Shepherd joined the family on March 31st bright and early in the morning. The boys love him and his big sis is crazy about him. So far, he seems to be extremely laid back which is a fantastic thing around our crew.

We are gearing up for just an AMAZING summer. I have 8 more days of school and the boys have 9 more days of school. We are hitting the ground running with trips all over the U.S. and even an international trip this summer. We are pumped! Can't wait to share more!

Hope all of my blogland friends are doing well!

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Lauren said...

I am going to have to catch up on lots of reading!! YAY! Still cannot believe you kept that cat. I don't even know you anymore... ;)