Monday, July 10, 2017


A few months ago, a friend of mine contacted me and said she wanted me to start a rock painting and hiding group for our town. She lives in Jesup, but she thought our little town (and her hometown) would like it, too. She got the Facebook page all set up for us and then several of us added local friends to get it going. And then, I stopped participating. Ha! It was right at the end of the school year and I just didn't have the time to do anything with it. Well. It has TAKEN OFF in our town. We have almost 1500 members and people are hiding and seeking like crazy!

In case you aren't familiar, the premise is a lot like Easter Eggs. I paint rocks, hide them and post pictures with clues about where they're hidden, and someone else comes along and finds its, posts a picture, and re-hides my rock. Does that make sense? Think Easter Egg hunt meets geocaching.

The boys have LOVED it. We've painted and hidden and found a lot! 

If you're interested in getting it started for your area, just create a Facebook page with some guidelines and ideas so people "get" it and then add a bunch of your local friends. We hashtag all of our rocks so that if someone isn't part of the group, they'll be able to find us if they find a rock.

We have had so much fun doing this! I love the painting the most, but the boys LOVE finding them and they LOVE people finding (and posting) theirs!

Anyone else doing this in your own town?

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